Guest Post: The “Talk” Happened


I’m very excited to welcome Emily of Our house, now a home as a guest writer this week. I hope you enjoy her experience having the dreaded “talk” with a child. Don’t forget to head on over to check out her blog and to follow her on her social media channels listed at the end […]

10 Things You Can’t Do in Public While Pregnant (But Totally Want To)

My belly is exactly 3 times as bulbous at delivery. (Photo Credit:

When you’re pregnant, there are myriad things you wish you could just up and do no matter where you are and whom you’re with — things you probably do in the privacy of your own home without reserve. The thing is, you can’t in public. I mean, you could, but you’d either no longer have […]

Don’t Be THAT Parent at Open House

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The new school year is here, y’all, and that means open house or parent night is just around the corner. Here’s the thing about that, though. We teachers dread it. We don’t really want to be there. Like, at all. Especially if we’ve already been at school since 7 am, keeping children or teenagers from killing each […]

Life Hacks for Dumb*sses

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I’m sure you’ve all seen a plethora of Life Hacks making their rounds on social media — those clever ways to make your life easier using simple household items in ways you never imagined possible. Put money inside the wrapper of a period pad in your purse to prevent people from stealing it. Use a […]

I Don’t Get “Modern Parenting”

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I see a lot of talk about “modern” vs. “traditional” parenting lately. I’ve even shared some articles on my blog page about the pitfalls of “modern parenting,” not because I was trying to speak out against it, but rather because what I thought the authors had to say about parenting in general was interesting. The […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About People with Disabilities

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The other day, a friend reached out to me to get advice about how she should approach talking with her children about people with disabilities. As her children were getting older, they were starting to notice subtle differences in people they saw in public, and my friend wanted to make sure she was saying and […]

20 Start-of-School Things Teachers CAN’T WAIT To Do

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As the new school year begins and many teachers are either already back in their classrooms or busily preparing to be there soon, there are several things they also CAN’T WAIT to deal with (if they’re not dealing with them already.) I present you with 20 start-of-school things teachers can’t wait to do: 1. Endure […]

Should Teachers Monetize Their Classrooms?

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Like many teachers, I have been busily investigating best practices for reaching my students this coming school year. Inevitably, in the before-school rush that precedes each new school year, this includes heading to Walmart and the dollar store in a frenzy to purchase items I either don’t have or ran out of last year — […]

When Should I Tell My Son He Has Special Needs?

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Parents of children with special needs have many fears, from concerns that their child’s prognosis isn’t good to worries about being able to fit in all required doctor and therapy visits. But there is one fear that isn’t like the rest — one fear that isn’t easily addressed with scientific knowledge or prescription medication. That […]

Can I Be Damaging My Kids with My Pet Names?

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It’s no secret: Our household is no Leave it to Beaver rendition over here. I’m probably the least domestic person on the planet (my dad used to say I burn water), and my husband isn’t exactly winning any handy man awards. We sometimes eat dinner crowded around the coffee table with the TV on and enjoy family sing-alongs […]