Do You Ever Feel Unpretty, Too, Mama?

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Pregnancy has hit me right in the feels lately. This is nothing new. I always wind up emotionally perturbed during pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy, though, since getting a handle on my crazy (anxiety), and I’ve chosen to go 9 months med-less for the sake of the baby, which might be great for the […]

When You Should Use Reply All at Work

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There’s this communication functionality in your work email called “Reply All.” You may have heard of it. It can be difficult to decide when using “Reply All”  is appropriate. I’m here to help make that decision a bit easier. Here are the number of instances in which using “Reply All” on your work email is […]

10 Pieces of Pregnancy Advice for First Timers

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Hello there, mama to be! Listen. I know you’re brimming with a mixture of fear and excitement at this miraculous life milestone, and why shouldn’t you be? This is huge (and that wasn’t a smart remark about your expanding waistline). I also know you don’t want any unsolicited advice, except when you do and take […]

Fear Reigns Supreme in My Pregnancy

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I am terrified of pregnancy and childbirth. Terrified. I have extreme anxiety about all the things that could go wrong, from placental problems to me having a stroke on the operating table. I live in a constant state of worry, sometimes manageable, but other times so extreme it keeps me up at night, one awful scenario after […]

Guest Post at Abandoning Pretense: How to Put a Toddler to Bed

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I am over at Abandoning Pretense today talking about how to put a toddler to bed in 5 easy steps.  For anybody who has a toddler, has had a toddler, or will have a toddler, I contend that this is a must see.  Go check out the post here, leave a comment on her site, […]

When Lightning Strikes Twice

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Lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice. But when it does, it is momentous. Lightning strikes are multifaceted. On one hand, they’re beautiful — colorful, unexpected, energizing. On the other hand, they’re destructive — violent, merciless, deadly. If you’re lucky enough to be an observer, you’re filled with awe and wonder at the power of […]

I’m Slightly Insulted By Homeschooling

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Preface: Some people are going to find this post offensive. Believe me when I say I considered not even writing it before reminding myself that the therapeutic value I gain from writing about things – silly things, dirty things, controversial things — was the whole reason I started this blog in the first place, and if […]

It’s OK to Hate Pregnancy

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There’s this romanticized idea of what pregnancy is or should be like for expectant mothers.  Women are supposed to be mesmerized by the miracle taking place inside them, so totally in love with the changes their bodies are undergoing and grateful for the opportunity to nurture and bring forth new life into this world that […]

How Blogging and Crack Cocaine are Basically the Same Thing

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I’ve never actually tried crack cocaine before (at least not to my knowledge or willingly, unless coffee is really crack cocaine in disguise, in which case I’ve tried it and I love it like a hooker loves pleather thigh highs and conscientious manscaping), but I’m 99% positive blogging is exactly like it. For starters, crack […]

What Sharing IS and IS NOT

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I’ve come to the conclusion that my kids have no clue what it means to share when it comes to toys, food, and other items, and it’s driving me out of my friggin mind.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s not just my kids, either. I think there are a lot of other […]