Early Pregnancy Symptoms That TOTALLY SUCK

we're pregnant

By now, most people I know personally are aware that Mr. Sammich and I are expecting baby #3.  We weren’t expecting to expect any baby #3s, but shit happens, and as far as shit happening, I suppose this is some pretty blessed shit. Blessed in that we will welcome another sweet bundle of humanness into […]

Common Anti-Vaxx Myths About Pro-Vaxxers Debunked

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It’s no secret I’m pro-vaccination.  I believe any step  I can take to protect my children and loved ones is a step worth making.  When Alister, almost 6, was born, I was hesitant about administering mass quantities of different vaccinations at once.  The junk science of Andrew Wakefield had exploded into the anti-vaccination movement, and […]

Gynecology? More Like Awkwardology.


You guys have totally noticed that going to the gynecologist is super weird and awkward, right?  I thought so. First, they make you sit in a waiting room with other patients.  Some are visibly pregnant, so it’s easy to tell why they’re there.  Others, though?  They could be there for a number of reasons, the possibilities for […]

I Think I Lost My Laugher

My family may never be safe again.

I seem to have misplaced my laugher.  My sense of humor.  My ability to turn any tragedy into stand-up comedy. For some, this may not seem like such a big deal.  There is something inappropriate in laughing about misfortune, after all.  But for me?  This is a huge deal.  A deal breaker, if you will.  You […]

F**k You, Life. Sincerely, Me.

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Life sure has a way of screwing you when you’re down sometimes, doesn’t it? I’ve had a helluva week.  And by helluva, I mean if one more curve ball comes my way, I don’t think I’m going to make it, you guys.  Seriously. First, I found out we are going to have to pay for […]

10 Truths Teachers Want You to Know

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Teachers are supposed to be somehow greater than human, welcoming and accepting of all; submissive to students, their parents, and the general public; and willing to do anything for nothing no matter how time consuming or emotionally and physically fatiguing.  It’s the job we signed up for.  Nothing less than perfection is acceptable. …is what […]

The Funniest Ish On Twitter This Week

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I don’t often do the Twitter; it’s kind of a scary, weird world of I Have No Idea What’s Going On in Here (definitely not as scary and weird as Tumblr, but still).  I have, however, found myself logging in more frequently lately, and OH MY GOD, are there some funny peeps on there.  Like, […]

Dear Politicians: We Should Be Teaching This Instead of Standardizing School

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My remedial students had a project due today, which for the first time ever, I told them couldn’t be turned in late (with the exception of late projects because of IEP or 504 accommodations).  You see, the marking period is about to end in a couple days, and I 1.) need time to grade the […]

Oh, the Teacher’s Life Woes!

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Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to your classroom! Roll out of the hay! You have knowledge in your head. You have food in your tummy. No matter what those kids say, you’re nobody’s dummy! Inside that big bag you have lessons galore. No name calling can stop you, not even “YOU WHORE!” You’ll […]

What It’s Like to Be an Empath

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I’m an empath.  There, I said it. Most people look at this word with confusion or curiosity.  Empath?  What’s that?  I suppose that’s a positive.  If I had said I’m clairvoyant or I have psychic powers, chances are you wouldn’t have made it this far down the page.  But empath?  That’s relatively obscure enough to still be intriguing. To be […]