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17 Marriage Advice Tweets To Keep The Love Alive

Falling in love is easy, but being married is hard. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone — the pressures of real life and the fact that you AND your spouse are both annoying as fuck makes marriage no easy task.

However, there are some ways to keep the spark alive as a married couple. You’ve probably heard the advice not to go to bed angry, but that’s a pile of horseshit. Go to bed furious and let your silence be a statement! Stay mad forever if you need to. All that’s important is being right.

If you were to ask people their best marriage advice, you’d hear a wide variety of things. Some would say to prioritize sex, and some would say to have regular date nights. Some would say to let your partner be right (gross) and some would say to hide all your anger deep deep inside you (wut).

The truth is, there is no single bit of marriage advice that will work for everyone. Every marriage is as different as every person. That’s why other people’s marriages can be perplexing as hell.  Almost as perplexing as your own!

That being said, there’s something fun about hearing the little tidbits that can help keep the love alive. Not all marriage advice is created equal, but some of it is funny as hell. Let’s hear what the funny folks of Twitter have to say about keeping your marriage solid!

17 Marriage Advice Tweets To Keep The Love Alive

1. He’ll go WILD!

2. Marriage is a long game, baby

3. OK this is true though


5. Couple #goals

6. Harmonious as fuck


7. That escalated quickly

8. You’re goddamn right you do

9. Isn’t love grand

10. Always maintain an air of mystery

11. Consistency is key

12. Or assembling IKEA furniture


13. Things are ticking away nicely

14. Challenge accepted!


16. Hawt

17. *blushes happily*


Oh, Twitter. Proving that although not all marriage advice is helpful or useful, at least some of it’s funny!

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