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These Hilarious Tweets Show How Much Parents Rely On Coffee

Whenever you see a list of essentials for people about to have a baby, they are missing probably the most important thing. CAFFEINE.

Sure, diapers and bottles are cute, but how can you even function enough to keep your precious bundle thriving if you don’t have coffee?

As a parent, coffee becomes like the air we breathe, or the purpose in our hearts. Coffee becomes a blessing and a curse. We know too much is harmful, but good Lord, how can we even live 5 minutes without it?

What we need science to work on is an adult umbilical cord that can pump the sweet brown nectar into our tired, worn-out systems without interruption, so that hopefully, one day, we begin to feel whole.

There’s a reason for the prevalence of “coffee mom culture.” We’re tired. So tired. And coffee is really the strongest thing we have to help get us through the day that isn’t breaking any laws. Sure, caffeine is a drug, but so is penicillin, and am I going to go out on a limb and trash-talk a lifesaver? NEVER.

The thing about coffee is that it’s not here to judge. It’s hot, aromatic bosom is always there to catch you after a long hard day, never judging or causing drama. It simply fills your cup, making you happy, functional, and ever so slightly jittery… what is this feeling? Could it be love?

If you’re addicted to coffee, just know you aren’t alone. If you’ve seen a parent, you’ve seen a person who is likely suckling at the teat of addiction to our kind and loving mother:The Almighty Caffeine.

Here’s what the funny (and tired) parents of Twitter had to say about our hopeless addiction to coffee!

Hilarious Tweets That Show How Much Parents Rely On Coffee

1. There is no math… only coffee



4. It runs through my veins

5. It’s a catch 22

6. Take a guess, hun


7. Name a more iconic sidekick

8. A harrowing story of redemption

9. Well, what’s the point in being annoyed if you can’t carry on for ages

10. Coffee problems require coffee solutions


12. The essentials


13. Rude, but ok

14. LOL that’s cute

15. I’ll have what she’s having

16. There is no in-between

17. It’s called life experience, sweetie

18. Truth hurts.


Sure, children are a blessing, but let’s not forget about the real miracle here! All hail coffee.

Got a friend who’s tired and could use a pick-me-up? Share this list with them, and have some LOLs with your lattes!