The popular toy production company, known for its interlocking bricks and iconic “minifigures,” is being slammed for creating a “toxic environment for children"

Lego Slammed for Promoting Unrealistic Body Image

By Samantha Wassel of Between the Monkey Bars

A recent social media movement is demanding change in the Lego universe. The popular toy production company, known for its interlocking bricks and iconic “minifigures,” is being slammed for creating a “toxic environment for children, riddled with unrealistic body ideals.”

“What kind of message is this sending to our kids?” asked Susan Brickerton, the woman taking credit for the current call to action. “Here we have this great concept, where our children can literally build their own worlds, and they’re being bombarded with the brain-washing illusion that we should all look the same. It’s appalling.”

Social media users across the world are using the hashtag #LegosShouldLookLikeMe to express their outrage at the company’s lack of diverse body representation in its line of minifigures:

Let’s talk body size. Women in particular are getting constant pressure from the media to lose weight. It’s like, the smaller the better, amirite? And Lego is just perpetuating that. I’m sorry, but real women just aren’t that small.

They’re literally called MINI-figures, for God’s sake. Where are all the maxifigures? I’d like to see some cellulite or a little junk in the Lego trunk.

No one is that perfectly symmetrical.

What’s with their flat-ass stomachs? Ladies, it’s not “unnatural” or “unhealthy” to have a little pooch. IT’S YOUR FUCKING UTERUS. The female body is a powerful, amazing thing. I mean, WTF, Lego. It’s like your minifigures weren’t made to procreate.

OMG that ridiculously smooth skin. It’s flawless. Real people don’t look like that. It’s like they all had plastic surgery or something. . . oh.

If Barbie can change to reflect real bodies, why can’t Lego? #BeLikeBarbie

As a man, I’m here to tell you that guys have body insecurities, too. Lego is just perpetuating the Jason Momoa culture. Not all men can—or should—have hard bodies. Where are all the squishy Legos? The Dad-Bod Legos? The beer-gut Legos?

Do you know what Legos are actually made of? According to Google, “a strong, resilient plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).” ABS?!? You can’t make this shit up.

I’m so sick of stepping on those little motherfuckers. I say to hell with them altogether. #CancelLegos

Yo, Lego, where’s the camel toe? No woman could ever wear pants so tight they’re basically painted on without showing a little vag wedgie.

They all have thigh gaps. EVERY. FUCKING. ONE. OF. THEM.

All of our efforts to contact a Lego Group representative for comment regarding the recent outcry were unsuccessful.


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