Keto Helped Me Lose 10 Pounds and All the Joy in My Life


If you know me, you’ve already heard all about my new Keto diet. But that won’t stop me from telling you again! LOL

The Ketogenic Diet gets your body to burn fat for energy by increasing your fat intake and cutting out carbs. Which sounds easier than it is.

Cutting out all carbs made me incredibly irritable. Seriously, that first week made me want to burn my house to the ground! (crazy-face emoji)

And the second week wasn’t much better. Turns out my husband wasn’t as excited about my weight loss journey as I was. Mostly because my mood swings were more intense than a toddler hyped up on sugar after a Disney on Ice show.

I went from sad, to angry, to bitter, to angrier. I screamed at my husband a lot, but I was sure it would eventually make us stronger. Guess it would have killed him to make ONE, TINY SACRIFICE FOR ONCE. (seven knife emojis)

The third week was rough because of the pending divorce and my inability to console myself with a whole cheesecake. I lashed out at some of my closest friends.

I went to dinner with my friend Jennifer and she suggested I should just take a break from my keto diet. She thought I should let myself have one night off. But I’m pretty sure that Judas was just trying to sabotage me because of all the weight I’m losing. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE NATURALLY THIN, JENNIFER.

Then there was Kathy, who said I was being “irrational” and “in desperate need of some sugar before I have a complete nervous breakdown.” WELL THE JOKE’S ON YOU, KATHY, BECAUSE I’M THINNER NOW.

And aside from all the relationships I’ve ruined, and the overall lack of joy in my life, I’ve never felt better. I’m on day 29 and feel like a new person because I’ve lost 10 lbs. (More like several hundred if you count all the people I’ve pushed out of my life. But still, 10 POUNDS!!!)