Using your booty bonnet as a face mask is just inviting pink eye to the party.
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Woman Takes Off Thong, Uses as Face Mask After Being Refused Service

An unidentified South African woman, who was reportedly refused service without a face covering, removed her thong in the middle of the Pick n Pay and placed that sucker over her face to comply with the store’s requirements.

After a security guard informed her she would not be served without a mask, she dead-ass reached under her dress, took her thong off her nethers, and proceeded to wrap it around her facial orifices.

A video of the event, which was posted on Twitter, shows the woman straight smothering her own face in her booty bonnet right there for all to see.

Don’t tell me you’re not humming the Thong Song, too.

Listen. Kudos to her for her improvisation skills, ok? Not denying that quick thinking. But, um…

Did the store not have disposable face masks she could have picked up and purchased? Bandanas? Dish rags? ANYTHING OTHER THAN HER USED PANTIES?

And at this point, it’s not a secret that face masks are not only required in many public places; wearing them is also common courtesy.

Don’t we all have a spare somewhere in case we forget? And if we we forget the spare, doesn’t it make more sense to circle back home and pick one up or to grab an old t-shirt out of the backseat or something?

I don’t need to tell anybody that doing this is just inviting pink eye to the party.  I can’t think of a single grocery item that is worth flossing your hairline with the same cloth that just flossed your starfish.

Nobody needs to get that intimate with their intimates.

Here’s to hoping there was a whole bunch of antibiotic ointment in that shopping cart.

Homegirl might want to soak her whole mug in a vat of it.