woman tells client all the way off
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Goals Alert! Woman Tells Client All the Way Off by Saying, “Apologies for the Inconvenience”

After a harrowing couple of months on the job as a customer support representative, employee and mother of two Amanda Byrnes finally mustered the courage to tell a particularly cantankerous client all the way off.

“I had had enough of his complaining, berating, and downright inappropriate pontificating,” said Byrnes. “I get plenty of that at home from my children. I don’t need it at work.”

Nearing the end of her rope, Byrnes snapped at the client’s latest correspondence.

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“I thought to myself, ‘This is it! I will not put up with this any longer!’ And I told him all the way off.”

Coworkers report witnessing Byrnes typing furiously while muttering to herself, ultimately jabbing her finger into her keyboard and exclaiming, “There!”

“Obviously we were curious what that was all about, so we logged into the team customer support queue, and there it was: Amanda’s response to the guy,” said Natalie Parker, Amanda’s cubicle mate.

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“We were expecting something like, ‘Go to hell!’ or ‘I hope your cat gets feline chlamydia!’ or something, but Amanda’s response read, ‘Apologies for the inconvenience!'” said Parker.

“The guy deserved to be told all the way off pretty bad,” added coworker Susan Wright. “But this? This went a bit too far.”

Other employees report witnessing Byrnes being escorted from the building with a box of possessions in tow, mumbling at her ex-boss that she was “sorry for the miscommunication” and to “have a nice day.”

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“I’d say she burned the guy pretty good, telling him all the way off like that,” remarked Parker. “She’s a customer service hero.”