woman dressed as sexy kitten for halloween

Sexy Kitten Disappointed Halloween Hookup Isn’t Real Doctor

When Brittany Katz woke up, she learned the man in bed next to her wasn’t who she thought.

Katz, a 27-year-old dental hygienist from Arlington, VA, left a Halloween party with a man dressed as a doctor. She later learned that man was Josh Adams, a 32-year-old Assistant Night Manager at the local Safeway.

“I was mortified,” Katz said. “I even remember asking him about my irritable bowel syndrome.”

New to town, Katz was excited to go to her coworker’s Halloween party. Dressed as a sexy kitten, Katz said she was thrilled to spot a man in blue scrubs and a white lab coat standing next to the beer keg. She immediately made her move.

“I’d been searching Tinder for months to find a doctor, but hadn’t had much luck,” Katz said.

Adams was confused at first when the sexy kitten approached. Bald, slightly overweight, and reeking like produce, Adams said women rarely flirt with him.

It soon became apparent why Katz wouldn’t leave his side when she asked a few medical questions, as well what kind of car he drove. Adams said he saw no point in telling her that he wasn’t a doctor.

“I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten laid if I told her I work at a supermarket,” Adams said.

Katz said her coworker repeatedly expressed doubts that Adams was a real doctor. The warnings didn’t sink in, though.

“I was just so convinced he was a doctor,” Katz said. “I clearly drank too much.”

Adams said that while he doubts he’ll see Katz again, unless she does her grocery shopping during his shift, he is glad that the $18 costume he bought on eBay paid off.

“I already know what I’m dressing up as next year,” Adams said.


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Melissa Avstreih is a Harvard journalism student and aspiring freelance writer. She relies on coffee and wine to survive being a working mom. She lives in Arlington, VA with her sleep deprived husband and her two truck obsessed toddlers.