A snack can usually fit in your purse and act as an emotional support companion wherever you go.
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15 Hysterical Tweets About How Snacks Make the World Go ‘Round

Food is great — it tastes good and keeps us alive. We require it to live, but if food is the vessel of life, then snacks are the muthafuckin’ spaceship that makes life worthwhile!

Snacks are the shit. Go ask any toddler. In a world of inequality, differing perspectives and divisive politics, a love for snacks is the singular thing that brings us all together. Not even religion can say that.

Indeed, there is no such thing as a person who doesn’t love snacks. Because if there were, that “person” would be deemed a monster. Across time and space, snacks are the glue, the universal lifeforce that runs through all of us. Old and young alike, we’re all suckers for some good yum yum energy from the things we nosh on that aren’t quite meals.

What constitutes a snack, you ask? Hard to say, friend, because these tasty morsels are just that versatile. Crackers are a snack, maybe a pizza is too. Wink in the mirror, you minx, because the snack can also be you.

Snacks are there for you always. They never judge and they fill up your mouth and your belly with comfort. A snack can usually fit in your purse and act as an emotional support companion wherever you go. If you were to tally shit up, I’ll bet snacks have been more there for you than your husband, friends or parents.

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1. They’re like an all-purpose prescription for happiness

2. Very sage marriage advice

3. I’m more “hungry mom” than “cool mom” but ok

4. Survivalism at its finest

5. Being the cool mom is easy when you’re never more than 5 feet away from some cool ranch

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6. People always want to pal around with the person packing food, and can you blame them?

7. To snack is to breathe

8. Shall it be cereal or shall it be the family pack of corn chips…

9. Feed your kids so many snacks you can’t help but be nourished by the crumbs they create

10. Snacks are always a crowd-pleaser, except when they aren’t

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11. That second thing is gonna free up SO. MUCH. TIME.

12. Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy the bonding time with the littles.

13. Oh ok, cool, I thought that was where we were

14. So real, so raw… it hurts

15. Snack and healthy are kind of opposites, no?

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