It's not like you want to do that laundry or go to the gym anyway. So have at 'er! Then complain how you have no time for anything later!

10 Popular Subreddits to Waste A LOT of Time On

The Internet is a place where time goes to die. However, not all corners of the internet are the same when it comes to time loss. There are certain special places where time truly does get sucked into a black hole of voyeurism and curiosity. Such is the case with the following Subreddits.


This subreddit is a place to talk about all those moments that truly made you go WTF. Just like the movies that posited there is some strange, false illusion Universe we are living in, this subreddit is a place for people to talk about things they experienced that seemed impossible, or that made them flat-out question the very fabric of reality. As with most places online, stories range from lame (“I dropped my phone and then I couldn’t find it until later”) to truly weird (like this one).


r/TrueCrimeDiscussion is the place to discuss, well, true crime! It’s an insanely easy place to waste a few hours (or days) as you deep dive into murder mysteries. There are some folks in the sub that are heavily invested in researching these cases and compiling so much info that you really could get lost in them. If you’re a true crime fan who can’t get enough, this is a place you could procrastinate indefinitely.


The sub is exactly what it sounds like… folks drop their stories and ask whether they are the assholes, and commenters get to vote. It’s a surprising place to see some unexpected wholesome content, with commenters giving advice and support to people in their troubled times. However, it’s also a place to see some genuine sideshows, satisfying that weird voyeuristic urge that we get from gossip. Only here, you get to be the judge!


This one requires very little explanation, as it’s exactly what it sounds like. A place to post stories of Pro Revenge (not to be confused with petty revenge or nuclear revenge). Stories here are oddly satisfying, such as the one where this guy screws over his old landlord.


AskReddit is really just a mixed bag of questions, but you can get lost in the comments. According to the “about” section, “r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.” As you would expect, questions range from funny, to insightful, to controversial (and everywhere in between).


This sub is great for if you’re looking to waste time and scare yourself shitless in the process! Most of the stories are about ghosts, paranormal creatures, or unexplained happenings and range from fairly benign to scary AF. One post even includes video of a toy swiveling its head, which is a whole suitcase full of nope.


Unpopular opinion is a funny place where people share their unpopular opinions. Some of them are controversial, while others are just kind of silly, but no matter what you can lose A LOT of time keeping up with the comments.


This is an actually useful sub, where users can ask for things to be explained in a manner that would be simple enough for a 5-year-old. Some concepts are just too large to do this; however, commenters give it their best shot and you can get a good loose grip on a topic by having users who are well-versed dumb it down for you.


This subreddit is full of lifehacks and tips that are useful AF. From work advice, to general life tips, this corner of Reddit is actually chock full of decent information.


If you’re a nosy kinda bitch, trust me, you could lose AGES on the relationships subreddit. The posts here are seeking advice for relationship issues such as suspected cheating, friendship issues, family conflicts and the like. Much like ProRevenge, you can get some unexpected faith in humanity when you see how people rally to support the original posters when there are highly sensitive cases of heartbreak or delicate situations (such as this one).

The Internet is full of great ways to waste time!

I mean really, it’s not like you want to do that laundry or go to the gym anyway. So have at ‘er! Then complain how you have no time for anything later!