Hilarious Reddit Thread Explores Hypothetical Biblical ‘Book of Karen’

Reddit can be a mixed bag of things, but recently a post on r/AskReddit hilariously asked the question, “A long lost book of the bible was just discovered, the book is called “Karen.” What are some of it’s verses?” generating some HYSTERICAL responses.

A long lost book of the bible was just discovered, the book is called "Karen". What are some of it’s verses? from AskReddit

If you’ve spent any time online, chances are you’ve seen reference to “Karen”, the archetype of a judgy, manager-seeking bitch whose existence feeds off of shitty haircuts and making retail employees wish they were dead. There are memes everywhere that talk about this creature, and how she roams the planet judging bitches and ruining everyone’s day.

This Reddit question generated one of the funniest threads in a long time. People flocked to make up their own verses that shredded Proverbial Karens and the havoc they wreak.

Many of the comments focused on expired coupons and the phenomenon of asking to “speak to the manager.” What made these even more hilarious than your average run-of-the-mill Karen memes is that they were written in spot-on biblical style.

Even “Janets” and running to social media to leave shitty reviews made an appearance.

And, of course, a few people had to pop in and make a few jabs towards the MLM “boss babe” huns that flood your inbox with their shit-yourself skinny products and body wrap fuckery.

Obviously, no discussions of Karens would be complete without a discussion of the infamous haircut, such as was immortalized in pop culture history with Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

For reference:

For maximum hilarity, you’ll want to read the whole thread. Bonus points if you’re familiar with the bible and can see just how seamlessly some of these proposed passages would fit in!

Psst – Make sure to share this with a friend; otherwise, you’ll be struck down with a plague of Karens haunting your doorstep forevermore.