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Tropical Storm Karen Unleashes “I Want To See A Manager” Jokes On Twitter, And It’s Hilarious

Photo Credit: National Hurricane Center

On September 22, the U.S. National Hurricane Center announced the latest tropical storm to hit the Atlantic Ocean. So far this year there have been 10 cyclones to hit the east coast, ranging in names from Andrea to Jerry. This is number 11, which also corresponds to the eleventh letter of the alphabet. The letter K.

The World Meteorological Organization’s 2019 storm name for the letter K?


According to the National Hurricane Center, names are chosen from pre-determined lists which are used in rotation and re-cycled every 6 years. The only time they replace a name is “if a storm is so deadly or costly that the future use of its name on a different storm would be inappropriate for reasons of sensitivity.”

I’m guessing that right about now, they’re wishing they had named it Kate.

For the past few years, Karen has been the moniker used to represent a self-righteous, middle-aged white woman with a signature reverse bob. She loves coupons and complaining. Urban Dictionary describes her as:

44. Mother of three, blonde, owns a Volvo. Annoying as hell. Wears acrylics 24/7. Currently at your workplace speaking to your manager.

She is the ring leader of Janet, Susan, and Carol.

So is it any wonder, really, that Twitter just couldn’t resist when it came to a Tropical Storm named Karen?

When #karen started trending on Twitter, there were questions. Who is this Karen? What did Karen do now? Why does Karen have to be such a Karen?

Some people, namely Karens, were just excited to see their name trending:

Except this poor Karen, who has NO IDEA, bless her.

Eventually people figured out that #Karen referred to an ACTUAL tropical storm and NOT a sanctimonious woman on a warpath straight to the manager’s office. But that didn’t stop the funny users of Twitter. Because, come on, Karen.

“I would like to speak to your manager.”

But Karen isn’t just a one trick pony. Oh no, she has many, many layers. Like her hair.

Laugh it up now, Twitter. According to the published cyclone name lists on the National Hurricane Center website, your next opportunity won’t come around until 2021. F is for Felicia. #ByeFelicia.

While the memes are hilarious, Tropical Storm Karen is no joke. She is growing stronger and is currently making her way north, after unleashing torrential downpours, flooding, and 40 mph winds on Puerto Rico on Tuesday. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Forecasters expect Karen to develop maximum sustained winds up to 65 mph over the next six days while it turns toward the northeast Atlantic, but could loop back around and start moving west toward the United States.

Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen and Karen runs out of hot air sooner rather than later.

Calm down, Karen.