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His Idea to ‘Combat’ Hurricanes Is Bigger Than Dorian

In a viral tweet posted Sunday by Florida Today’s Tyler Vasquez, an unidentified Florida man reemphasized what he had heard on the news: that warm weather and warm water were the driving force behind these hurricanes.  

“I don’t see how they haven’t come up with some way to combat these storms yet,” he said, turning toward the camera. 

“We have a navy. Why don’t the navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it can’t get going as fast as it’s going?”

And then, as if to say, ‘duh,‘ he scratched his head in disbelief.

“There’s got to be ways to combat this instead of just pointing at the thing and saying, ‘Well, now it’s getting worse!'” he scoffed.

“Yeah, we know it’s getting worse, but you tell us, ‘Oh, it’s the warm weather; oh, it’s the wind…'” 

Suddenly, as if the earth split in two and a great light was now shining down upon his five minutes of fame, he cocked his head and offered another solution.

“Well, we have an air force. Drive some air force planes around to get the winds going the opposite way. Get the navy to go in circles to fight it the other way.”

It didn’t take long before the man’s enlightened words were all over social media.

The video, now retweeted over 4,450k times, has sparked a tremendous amount of curiosity on Twitter.

While some question how much ice it would take to “cool down a body of water like the ATLANTIC FUCKING OCEAN,” others are sharing their ideas to stop hurricanes from forming.

“I was thinking we could move those ‘cancer causing’ wind turbines,” wrote one follower. “Install them up and down the east coast of Florida then just turn them on and voila! They will blow the hurricanes into the open water! Disaster averted.”

Though ice bombs and swirling planes may seem like a great way to dodge a hurricane, it’s doubtful the government will be sending troops in anytime soon.

Thankfully, people like Billy Corben are around to keep things real online.

“Donald Trump’s new FEMA administrator,” he joked on Twitter. “Because Florida.”