Mom on Facebook Can’t Stop Engaging in Comment-Section Arguments

By Rachel Camp

A mother of four from Idaho says she can’t stop engaging in pointless arguments on Facebook. She used to be the type of Facebooker to ignore and scroll on by comments she didn’t agree with. Maybe she’d give an eye roll or heavy sigh, but she’d definitely never engage.

That is, until one day, she couldn’t bite her tongue any longer. Now, she says, she can’t stop. It seems this incessant arguing she engages in helps to release a pent-up anger she has brewing deep inside her. An anger that has no other outlet than on some poor unsuspecting stranger with a differing opinion on Facebook.

You see, this mom is actually very sweet. She believes in being kind to everyone and tries her hardest to do so – in person, that is. She is a loving wife and mother who volunteers in her free time and teaches her children to be accepting of everyone.

But the anonymity of being behind a computer screen gives her this inner-bitch she never realized existed before. And this inner-bitch is opinionated and LOVES to tell it how it is to those who spew intolerant ignorance in Facebook comment sections.

“I know my anger is not with the person I’m arguing with, specifically, and most of the time my anger is not even with the differing opinion,” says the mom. “But virtually yelling at a stranger and expressing MY opinion to them gives me a release similar to that of a cigarette – it’s addicting!”

“I do worry sometimes that my friends on Facebook will read my (mostly) public comments and feel shock and dismay at my relentless quest to prove strangers wrong. I just hope they agree with me. Or else, they could be my next opponent.”

This mom on Facebook believes the people who know her best realize she doesn’t mean any true harm. She’s just going through a lot and Facebook comment sections have proven a much better release for her anger than anything else. She’s also come to quite enjoy sticking up for causes she feels passionate about. People she feels need a (loud, unwavering) voice. She realizes her words probably bear no weight on the closed-minds she contends with on Facebook. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

Be on the look out for this mom on Facebook — join her cause or back away silently because this mama WILL have the last word (or, comment).


About the Author

Rachel Camp is a wife and mother of three from Iowa. She enjoys writing about motherhood and watching Netflix in her free-time.