Local Mother Reads Article Before Commenting on Facebook

By Candace of The Mom at Law

In a stunning turn of events, 33-year-old Marcy Bradshaw read an online article before posting a comment beneath the piece on Facebook. In what can only be described as “a very brave decision,” the local mother of two read the post while sitting in the school pick-up line on Tuesday afternoon.

“Normally, I see an article headline and immediately know how I feel about it,” shared Bradshaw. “But, for some reason, this time I decided to actually open the article and read it before telling everyone how I felt about it.”

Bradshaw, who is also renowned for judging books by their covers, once described the classic dystopian novel Animal Farm as “OK, if you’re big into agriculture.”

The article in question was a parenting piece entitled “6 Ways to Get Your Teen to Talk More.” Bradshaw opined, “My immediate reaction was to just blast the author. I mean, what kind of mother can’t get her child to talk to her?”

The piece was written by noted psychologist and child development expert, Dr. Barbara Banks. Dr. Banks, who shares warm relationships with her own teenage triplets, wrote the article citing research from her New York Times Best Seller, Your Teen and You, the seventh book in a best-selling series of the same name.

When asked if reading the article changed her mind, Bradshaw bristled, “Oh, no, I still had my mind made up about the post before I finished reading. I mean, the title pretty much said it all.”

At press time, Bradshaw was busy commenting on a research-backed think piece she hadn’t read while raising several points already addressed and rebutted in the piece.

“Some people just don’t care what kind of garbage they put on the Internet,” she sighed, rolling her eyes.


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