Racist trolls attack feminine product line
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Racist Trolls Attack Black-Owned Business Over Target Commercial

Today in “Stop the World, I Want Off” news, a business owned by a Black woman is getting trolled to fuck by racists on its TrustPilot review page for marketing that’s directed toward empowering Black girls. What the fuck?!

The Honey Pot Company creates “plant based feminine care” products, including menstrual products, cleansing systems, and other such items for vaginal care. Although the company, founded by Bea Dixon, has been around since 2014, they recently attracted the ire of some select asshats who found a commercial they did with Target to be “racist.”

In the commercial by Target, Bea Dixon discusses the partnership with Target and the impact it’s had on her business. The commercial is meant to highlight the entrepreneur, and as such she discusses how she came to founding the company. She also mentions how it’s important to her that this business is successful so she can inspire the next generation. She says:

The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well, is so that the next Black girl that comes up with a great idea, she could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me.

Enter the “reverse racism” argument (again- what the fuck??).

The TrustPilot page has been slammed with 1-star reviews claiming that the Target commercial was racist because it specifically mentioned opening doorways for the next Black girl.

The reviews range from ridiculous to very passionate. Apparently in trying to lift up future Black entrepreneurs, this company was excluding other races … um, sure. Certainly it’s not like there have been huge barriers and inequality when it comes to race in America. RIGHT?!

Some of the more infuriating reviews (TRIGGER WARNING – racist garbage ahead):

This is the exact kind of gross trash behavior that we seem to be seeing displayed a lot more boldly these days. The fact that people are attacking this business for trying to lift up Black girls is horrible. Not to mention that these people are spouting off about reverse racism, which by the way, is NOT at all a thing (read this for an good explainer).

Hopefully we’ll one day get to a place where this kind of bullshit behavior is condemned a lot more than it is now, and people hiding behind their keyboards will put their energy into actually doing something with their lives rather than being bigoted and cruel.

However, we wont hold our breath.