Hilarious dads capture the essence of marriage in 'Husbands of Target' parody.
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This ‘Tailgating Support Group’ for Husbands of Target Shoppers Is Everything

Saving a few bucks on toilet paper may not a big deal for those who are happy to use coffee filters in a pinch, but women know the difference, and when they shop, they do it right. Sometimes, this means asking the men in their lives to wait on them so they can get the best deal, and more often than not, it leads to an argument later.

But a new movement, encouraging husbands to band together and fight the negative stigma behind red tag sales, is changing the way men view shopping with their wives.

In a hilarious video, created by Dude Dad, we meet a group of bored fathers who struggle to find peace while waiting outside for their wives to finish filling up their carts at Target.

The video starts with Miles, Penn, Charlie, and Taylor— Husbands of Target—sitting in lounge chairs in the parking lot behind a van watching a football game. The camera zooms in as their team scores, and the four of them leap out of their chairs to clank their red solo cups and high-five one another. 

“We’re not a boys’ club or a social club,” says Charlie. “We’re just a group of husbands collectively waiting for our wives in the Target parking lot.”

The amusing parody shows clips of the men describing what led to their first meeting.

“Hours and hours of waiting in the car,” says Penn, rubbing his tired eyes as he begins to recount his frustration.

The camera then cuts over to Taylor, who explains that he started gathering shopping carts to stay busy and get a little exercise while his wife was in the store when Target management took notice and offered him a job. 

“They said I could work whenever my wife was shopping,” he smiled. “Last week I clocked twelve hours.”

The hysterical footage goes on to explain how the four of them met after being lured in by Charlie’s beef jerky. And then, they describe how they teamed up to make the best of a bad situation.

Throughout the video, we see them gambling, grilling and tossing the football around together in the parking lot. Then, Taylor mentions a series of car washes they did one summer where they made enough money to buy a big screen to put in the back of Penn’s van.

“That was a good summer,” he says with enough emotion to trick you into believing the video is real; it makes you wish you were part of their secret (not secret) club.

When the little ones start causing problems, the guys come up with a “two-car system” and begin taking turns babysitting. Ultimately, they install a nanny cam in the “daycare van” so they could keep an eye on the kids, “but also keep a full poker table.”

After viewing a few more funny scenes, Penn opens up about how the impromptu support group has strengthened his relationship.

“My wife and I used to constantly fight about how much time she was spending at Target,” he says. “Now, thanks to the group, my marriage is stronger than ever.”

They end the spoof with a heartfelt message to other husbands who may be suffering alone in silence, urging them to reach out if they see another guy waiting on his wife outside in the parking lot.

“I know it sounds crazy,” says Miles, “but I look forward to those thrill pills going on sale now. I get to see my boys.”