It doesn't matter if we need it. If it's on sale for a good price, it's OURS.
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12 Funny Tweets About the Irresistible Pull of a Good Bargain

There are few joys in life that hit you as good a decent sale. In this economy, saving a couple of bucks feels like hitting the jackpot. Your eyes get full of stars, your heart swells up, and the dopamine centers in your brain start firing off the good feels like you just got punched in the gut by a nostalgic telephone commercial. “Hello, Mom? It’s me. I just wanted to let you know that coffee is on BOGO.”

The beauty of the sale is the logical disruption it induces. Your very cognitive processing gets hijacked, and all of the sudden you NEED those 15 cans of damaged spaghetti sauce. Sure, you might be a budget-savvy, responsible gal, but when those pot holders go on 2 for 1, all of the sudden you’re a reckless kitchen bitch. It’s just science.

Sometimes a good bargain is all it can take to brighten your day. As a mom, a good sale is one of the few things that can give you a rush that makes you feel like a kid again. This is why we get excited by things like new cleaning supplies. If it’s on sale for a good price, we don’t care what it is – we love it, and it’s ours!

1. You just sit back and let the store tell you how many hundreds of bottles you need

2. If it’s on sale, then it has a home here

3. Saving a few bucks is a very underrated aphrodisiac

4. Sale doesn’t always mean a good deal, ya feel?


5. I’ll take pretty much anything if it’s a bargain


7. Murphy’s Discount Law

8. ALL the endorphins and red tags


9. The sale part IS the seller, don’t you understand??

10. It’s like a dopamine-inducing treasure hunt that will flare up your IBS – FUN!

11. Same girl, same

12. It’s simply against the code to not communicate a good discount


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