This is just love's version of not fitting into those pre-pregnancy jeans. Not bad -- just different.
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10 Tweets About How the Romance Is Still Alive and Well

Ahhh, romance. When you’re young, you think that love will be this beautiful, glorious experience. Then you grow up and realize it’s not quite the idealized thing you were sold in the movies.

Real, lasting love is less flowers and chocolates and more flipping coins for who gets to go grocery shopping alone. Instead of romantic dinners, it’s fighting about how the dishwasher was loaded incorrectly. Love is a wonderful thing, but for old married couples, examples of it are more mundane than magic.

As a society, we put too much pressure on love. High expectations can cause rifts where there should just be contentment. And the Hallmark Holidays don’t help. Why actually gift each other with romance year-round when you can just toss a box of chocolates on the counter once a year?

That’s not to say that some couples don’t have romance. But as your partnership progresses and is complicated by the plague of children, things end up far less rose-colored than they once were. Now everything is tinted a weird shade of “Did I ask you?” and “Why didn’t you mail the fucking thing like I said?”

However, this is fine. The romance is still there, it’s just changed forms. This is your love’s version of not fitting into those pre-pregnancy jeans. Definitely looks a little different … but still wonderful and good!

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1. That special milestone when you start buying your gifts for yourself

2. File this under “25 free Valentine’s Day gift ideas”

3. The attraction is unmistakeable

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4. The definition of romance shifts over time

5. A love that lasts forever

6. It’s like a law of the Universe that only married people are privy to

7. A very romantic issue, one that’s recognized DAILY

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8. It’s the thought that counts, but a fiver would be nice

9. What’s more romantic than fighting over who gets to use the bathroom later

10. Drive him crazy

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If you feel like the romance has died, there’s no need to worry — it’s probably just changed.

Love can be a lot of things. So what if those romantic walks on the beach have been replaced with making each other’s coffees in the morning? That’s pretty great too!