It does be looking a little "apocalypse-y" if you go out to the stores. Be kind to retail workers.
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12 Quarantine Tweets to Help You Go the (Social) Distance

You can’t check the news or scroll the internet right now without getting confronted with news about the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Although we are finding the laughs where we can, in certain parts of the world the situation is getting all sorts of real for the vulnerable populations. This is expected to spread, and it’s clear that we are just in the beginning.

By far one of the most concerning aspects of this is the behavior of people. Stores haven’t been prepared for the influx of people who have completely disrupted supplies and cleared out their shelves. Indeed, it does be looking a little “apocalypse-y” if you go out to the stores and see just how eerie the whole experience is. Let’s all be a little friendlier to retail employees these days.

But alas, we laugh so we don’t cry. For many of us, humor is a way to cope with the things we cannot control. And what’s better joke fodder than the possibility of a viral apocalypse and the threat of total social collapse?

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12 Quarantine Tweets to Help You Go the (Social) Distance

1. The worst!

2. Buckle up, child.

3. At last, my neuroses get their wings!

4. This is fine.

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5. Also, toilet paper.

6. Ok, now is NOT the time for being rude.

7. Everyone is deliciously fucked.

8. Gotta say, I’m that second guy.

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9. *They had a head start*


11. Apparently asswipe doesn’t spark joy…

12. Those 80 granola bars were tasty.

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At the end of the day, we laugh so we don’t cry!

Make sure to stay safe, take care of each other, and follow along with updates from your local and national authorities to keep up-to-date on how things are progressing. This too shall pass… maybe in a while and maybe with great difficulty, but it WILL get better at some point in the future.

Stay smiling, wash your hands, and be safe!