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18 Coronavirus Memes to Make You Laugh on the Bus to Hell

In case you’ve been blissfully unaware of the current SKY IS FALLING state of affairs in the world, there is a new viral outbreak that is causing widespread media panic.

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, was first discovered in Wuhan, China at the end of December 2019. It has now spread to other parts of the world and has been clogging up our newsfeeds as posts of 2 varieties make the rounds.

There’s the OMG THIS IS AN EMRGENCY posts and the IT’S FINE IT’S JUST MEDIA PANIC posts. Either way, we have been reminded of the importance of handwashing (come on, people) and for some reason, folks are flocking to the store to hoard toilet paper of all things (weird flex, but ok).

Luckily there are a whole slew of memes to make us giggle as we all get driven to that special place in hell we were promised (we laugh so we won’t cry, ok?).

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18 Coronavirus Memes to Make You Laugh on the Bus to Hell

1. Quarantine ain’t got nothing on me.

2. Keeping yourself safe in these times takes more restraint than any of us have.

3. Armed to the tits with lavender oil and a prayer.

4. All that toilet paper is gonna come in real handy for those DIY hazmat suits.

5. It’s called preventative measures, sweetie.

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6. OPRAH RICH, motherfuckers!

7. Be like this guy.

8. We hear what we want to hear, apparently.

9. Meet me behind the Costco…

10. Hipster!

11. It’s an epidemic.

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12. Scrub-a-dub baby!


14. How did this happen?

15. Da fuq?

16. Exactly, this.

17. Compelling AND persuasive…

18. Do it for the resistance!

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All joking aside, the onslaught of misinformation when it comes to this illness has been unsettling … almost as unsettling as the government response to it. For more information on the coronavirus, check out the up-to-date summary on the CDC page here.