Some people call it a throuple, but I call it a damn break

I Got a Sister Wife So I Could Read a Book for a Few Effing Minutes

Although everyone’s journey into polyamory is probably different, mine started with 10 years of being the primary partner in charge of all-things domestic, including cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

I needed a break.

I just wanted to sit down for 30 minutes to read a damn book.

And that meant bringing on a second wife, because for some reason my husband doesn’t do shit.

When I started interviewing potential additions to our marriage, I asked important questions like, “Do you do laundry?” “Can you load a dishwasher?” and “When can you start?”

Or first potential sister wife, Britney, was a perfect candidate because she didn’t have any kids of her own. So she was available to hang out with my children while I go on vacations for longer than two days! Which again, for some reason my husband alone is unable to do. (By the third day, his mom will show up to help him and somehow make me feel guilty for it.)

Unfortunately, Britney was more attracted to women than to men. And it’s not that I’m against it, but I don’t want to take on any additional work. Part of the perks here is that someone else will blow my husband.

Our second potential sister wife Patty was great but she had three kids of her own and our wi-fi just isn’t good enough to support all of those devices streaming at once.

Finally, we met Katie. She is kind and supportive and a total neat freak. She insists on keeping everything clean, from our floors to our clothes. And she loves to cook for the family and she even does the dishes.

She graciously provides me with┬áhours of alone time so I can finally catch up on all the books I’ve been wanting to read. All while providing a warm vagina for my husband.

Some call it a “throuple,” some call it a “triad,” I call it “A damn break so I can finally read Obama’s most recent novel.”