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23 Tweets About Vacation That Will Make You Wish You Just Stayed Home


It sounds good, right? Getting away, losing yourself in travels. Maybe getting a hotel, getting a little chlorinated in a pool with towels you don’t need to wash. Not working, getting away from the mind-numbing daily grind. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Ordering in and not doing dishes. No washing bedding. No nosy neighbors peeping in on your bullshit.

Oh, it sounds so good.

The truth is that in most cases, the idea of a vacation is far superior to the reality of being on vacation. This is doubly true for families. If you’re a parent, then vacation isn’t vacation at all because you’re bringing the stress with you. Because as a parent, there are no vacations from the dirty diapers, temper tantrums and epic screaming matches over shoes. Sorry, it’s the truth.

Now, we do it anyway, because we are ever full of hope. Parents are the original eternal optimists, because we will be damned if we are putting our lives on hold until these kids learn to act right. Real talk, it’s going to take forever. We just don’t have that kind of time. So we bring them with and hope for the best. Then spend our vacation fantasizing about those ones you see on T.V.

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Here’s what the funny parents of Twitter have to say about the joys of vacation!

1. It’s better minus the kids

2. Anything can be a vacation if you follow your heart

3. They’re the best *cries*

4. Seriously

5. We never get the true getaways we deserve

6. In this episode of “Hoarders Across the Globe”

7. Plan ahead? Bitch, I’m on vacay

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8. My vacation biceps are on point

9. I feel attacked

10. Unpacking just isn’t fun, though

11. Thanks a lot, kids


13. Worry about your future ass later

14. Too real

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15. Wow it’s the gift that just keeps giving

16. Living on the edge

17. She’s not wrong

18. 10 out of 10 kids give it rave reviews

19. So soothing

20. Those are magical moments

21. *Calls a cab in the dead of night*

22. Just. One. Bite

23. *Sigh*

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Vacations can be fun, or they can be relaxing, but if you’re a parent, they can be neither

Just kidding, some vacations aren’t so bad. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, a lot of those memories you’re making can suck, too. And that’s ok!