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Target Is an Ally to Breastfeeding Moms and This Is Why We Love Them

Everyone loves Target. You can barely scroll through Facebook without seeing some meme about Target, story about Target, or someone professing their undying, everlasting love for Target.

Well, it looks like Target deserves all this love and more. A sign that was seen in a Weatherford, Texas Target was posted to the internet on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, and it shows us why Target continues to be a mom’s best friend.

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The sign reads:

At Target, you are free to nurse wherever and whenever you like while you shop because we think #momsrock

But, if you would like a more comfy (or more private) spot to nurse or change a diaper, please ask our Fitting Room Attendant about our nursing room!

A peaceful spot to take a break during your Target Run – and it’s even stocked with some free goodies to make you and your baby’s time there even sweeter.

Happy Nursing and Happy Shopping

Your Weatherford Target Team

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This is a commendable bit of acceptance for nursing mothers. A recent study done by Aeroflow Healthcare actually found that 1 in 4 people still feel like breastfeeding in public is inappropriate (what the fuck?). When it comes to breastfeeding, mothers are still often put in the position of trying to find nooks and crannies to tuck into to avoid the judgment of others as they simply try to feed their babies. This is truly awful, and any store that recognizes the need to accept and normalize breastfeeding will get all of my money. Seriously. Just shut up and take it.

Not only the fact that they have chosen to say that breastfeeding mothers can nurse where they want, but the fact that they have a room available for baby care is wonderful. Some mothers may want the peace and privacy that nursing room can provide. This is a great example of knowing your customer base and catering to it. Shopping with a baby is difficult enough – anything to help make this an easier and less stressful experience is welcome.

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So great job to Target for its inclusiveness and forward thinking. Seriously, it’s 2019 and we need to stop acting like breastfeeding is some sort of indecent act or sexual sideshow. It’s feeding a baby for, fucks sake; it really doesn’t get much more natural and mundane than that.

We love you, Target!

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