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Husband’s ‘Sexy Pics’ to Wife Cause Maximum Thirst

Brandon Sillings — a specialist in the U.S. Army who lives in Columbus, Ohio — has caused maximum thirst among wives worldwide with his November 15th post on Facebook captioned, “Sending sexy pics to the wife like….”

With over 20 thousand reactions, 18 thousand comments, and nearly 95 thousand shares as of yet, Sillings’ sexy pics feature him doing what nearly every wife finds irresistible: chores.

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From a photo of him taking out the trash to one of him standing next to an empty sink, people can’t get enough of this hunk of man getting all domestic and shit.

Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself.

Ooh yeah, boy. Take out that trash.

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Is that an empty sink? I have a few ideas about what you can sink into me.

OHMYGOD he’s vacuuming?! I think it just sucked the panties right off, too.

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Perhaps my favorite of all, though, is this one. That lip-bitin’ on the laundry. And the best part? He folds it, too. 

It would appear I’m not alone in my preferences, either. Several people took to the comments to express their … uh, appreciation … as well:

Yessss daddy! Do that laundry like the sexy beast you are 😍😂😂 love it!

Y’all he hung her bras up to dry 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#boyknowshislaundry  #hellzzzyeah

He hand washes the delicates. Oh my.😍😍😍❤️💋

Someone got laid that night lol

Do that dirty laundry.. You dirty boy!!!

Lawd jesus that bite

Thats the sexiest thing i have ever laid my eyes upon

You betta bite that lip and do the laundry nasty boiiiiii 😂😍😍😍😍

Yesssss Get it! My man would def get a BJ for this! 😂

Husbands of the world, take note. If you want to rev her engine, all you’ve gotta do is get on your knees in the kitchen. And the bathroom. And the entire house, really, because these floors could use a good scrubbin’, too, if we’re being honest.

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To see Sillings’ entire post (and the thirsty comments that accompany it), check it out below. And ladies (fellas, too), be sure to tag your man. I foresee a whole lotta new babies about 9 months from now.