You went through all of that trouble just to have a potential 30-minute break while your kid finds someone else to play with.

How To Avoid Other Parents At The Playground

By Alice Anderson

After applying sunscreen, getting water bottles and snacks, asking your child to use the bathroom ten times until they finally went, you’ve left the house and made it to the playground. You went through all of that trouble just to have a potential 30-minute break while your kid finds someone else to play with.

Well, jokes on you. Here comes a fellow mom who’s found a BFF at first sight, ready to tell you all about her life. I don’t know what it is about playgrounds that makes someone bare their soul, but I’ve had a mom or two share way too much information with me within the first ten minutes of introductions.

If you want to avoid all of that, you’ll have to play with your kid. The only thing that has ever taken me off of another mom’s radar was when I ran around the playground chasing my child.

Let’s go over these exciting options together!

Option #1: Suffer through talking to chatty Karen

Just as you unlock your phone ready to scroll, here she comes. She tells you her name, the name of her dog, her kids’ name, what street she lives on, and starts telling you why she only feeds her son organic foods. Next comes the list of remodeling projects on her house, details of their latest Disney vacation, and all about her child’s academic achievements at preschool. All you can think about is how you forgot to use the bathroom and can’t remember if you brushed your teeth because your kids are normal and drive you crazy, so who has time to think, let alone go pee. But hey, it’s only been 15 minutes and your child made a friend. A friend who they could potentially continue being friends with, and want to have play dates with, at Karen’s remodeled house.

Option #2: Suffer through playing with your child

You can try to put a time limit on this but that will likely end in disaster. Plan on letting your child take the lead because anything you suggest will not be fun. We usually start with motion sickness on the swings followed by stopping to catch my breath every two minutes while playing tag. I have figured out that if you play hide and seek, you can buy yourself some time by saying one area of the playground is off-limits and then hiding there. Be careful not to hide too close to where Karen is standing, she might try to talk to you, and then this was all for nothing.

So decide between being a lazy mom or an anti-social butterfly. Either way, I’m sure your child will fight you when you say it’s time to leave and you’ll have to carry them home, kicking and screaming.



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