Thanks for the memories, but we sure won't miss you. See you next year when we get together and do it all again!
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15 of the Funniest Tweets in December 2019

Well, we’re almost there! It’s the end of December and we’ve made it through. Christmas is coming, and soon all the chaos will be over and we can get back to real life and a drawer full of pants that don’t fit anymore. Hallelujah and Merry Yule!

December is for drinking wine and eating cheese. It’s for draining your bank account and being with the ones you love. December can be crazy, sure, but it’s also a time of fun, love, and laughter. The key is to find those precious holiday moments and hold onto them tight. Tight enough to keep you warm during the many moments of fuckery you’re sure to encounter this month. Your children are on a sugar binge and everyone is liquored up, so the struggle will be real and soaked in chardonnay and dysfunction.

In the time of year that’s all about family and making merry, sometimes the only thing that can keep us sane is finding some laughs here and there. The funny parents of Twitter deliver, and for that we bless them.

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1. Ooooh, I hope it’s that first thing!

2. Truly magical and something they’ll never forget

3. ‘Tis the season for obligation!

4. Marriage is its own base, it’s undeniable

5. “Do you take mallet-hands to have and to hold…”

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6. All that effort making memories, and they only remember the everyday shit

7. It’s the true spirit of the season – food and hibernation

8. So, stock up on Double A’s I guess

9. Should be self-explanatory, yet somehow it’s not

10. The true magic of Christmas, and her name is MOM

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11. An abundance of riches

12. I mean, don’t we all

13. Some food for thought

14. Hahaha, thanks for the thought but I’m good with nothing, thanks

15. Less candy and more serotonin please

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So let’s say goodbye to December!

Thanks for the memories, but we sure won’t miss you. See you next year when we get together and do it all again!