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18 Christmas Memes to Get You into the Holiday Spirit

As Christmas approaches, it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit with all the crushing responsibilities and regular seasonal anxieties that can swoop in and fuck with your vibes. Even the most stoic among us can get thrown off by the holiday chaos, and the next thing you know it’s mid-December and you wonder where the fuck the month went as you scramble to wrap and stock your house with cookies.

However, despite the fact that it can be easy to let the business of the season get in the way of the magic of the season, the whole fun of this time of year is the mood. And what a big mood it is. Whether it’s laughing, crying, or appreciating the ones we love, we feel that shit and we feel it hard.

If you have kids, it can be easy to ring in that holly jolly mood since kids just fuggin’ love Christmas. And who can blame them? Tons of colors, music, and junk food? Joy aplenty, amirite?

Even though Christmas can be a busy and emotionally exhausting time of year, there is fun to be had. And in the chaos of the season, those little moments can mean the world.

Luckily we have memes to help us get into the spirit, as they give us a chuckle or two to get through the next month or so in one piece!

1. Nothing like a good dad joke to kick off the season

2. Honestly, this is WAY better than half the shit on Pinterest anyway

3. Ooof, I’m definitely a B

4. Every single day I’m still alive catches me completely off-guard

5. It’s universal

6. This one hits me where it hurts… right in the overdraft


7. Look, it makes sense if you just pay attention


9. You speak for all of us…

10. Remember this, Mama

11. Just fuggin’ try me

12. We could all use a little kindness, you dicks


13. Ha, the ultimate payback for being so annoying the rest of the year

14. Just stay with me, this all makes sense

15. Who dis?

16. Well, we WILL be doing this but just without your blessing I guess

17. Gosh, it’s just magical

18. Brilliant and effective


Luckily, we all can recognize that this time of year is a shitshow.

An expensive, joyous, and sparkling shitshow – but a shitshow nonetheless.

So happy holidays. May you be #grateful #thankful #blessed in this season and the next!