If you can relate to the hell and hilarity that is dressing children, SNL's fake Macy's clothing ad will have you rolling.
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SNL’s Clothing Ad Spoof Hilariously Nails the Reality of Dressing Kids


Parenting is full of challenges. From spending the better part of your evenings fretting over math homework to picking up after tiny versions of yourself even though you already told them a million times their dirty socks don’t belong in the microwave, it can be a nightmare. A nightmare you wouldn’t trade for the world, but a nightmare nonetheless.

Perhaps at the top of your list of parenting pet peeves is dressing your children. It’s like if you were charged with wrestling a bag of snakes into a church sweater, only that bag of snakes also has a load of poop and pee in there and an aversion to anything “scratchy.”

It feels as though you could never adequately explain this very real form of torture to an outsider. And maybe you can’t. But SNL can.

Saturday night’s episode contained a Macy’s children’s clothing ad spoof that absolutely nailed the hilarity and horror of getting kids out the door. From the tantrums to the marital spats, the skit was on point.

Take a look, have a laugh, and share with your friends. We could all use a little respite before gearing up for the next cage match that is dressing children.