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12 Hilarious Tweets About Making Christmas Magical

If you’ve been feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, never fear! That’s just the holidays right around the corner, ready to knock you off your ass into an overly-emotional anxiety spiral. The fun part is that it can be triggered and re-triggered by pretty much anything. Your family? Check! Your finances? Check! The state of your home after being so busy buying gifts and playing catch up that it’s completely gone to shit? Checkity-check!

The thing about the holidays is that we marry them with so much unnecessary pressure. We all end up feeling like we need to somehow do all these crazy things to “make memories,” as if memories don’t make themselves, and the shit you truly end up remembering is random as hell.

But part of the fun of the holidays are the traditions. The things we do to create magic and to spark the spirit of the season. Luckily the kids are too young to see just how many circles of hell we drag ourselves through just to make that shit happen.

Although we aren’t forced to make magic during the season, we do so anyway. I mean, that’s the real tradition. The one that comes to kick our ass year after year, and all for the sake of making Christmas a truly magical occasion.

The part we don’t talk about is the price we pay, running around trying to hold shit together so we can all reminisce about it later without all the stress and the headache. “Weren’t those times fun?” we’ll say.

1. It is known that all gifting must be equal to prevent meltdowns of nightmarish proportions

2. A preemptive strategy is always wise

3. It’s just not Christmas without the holiday binge


4. A memory is a memory. Nobody promised you good ones.

5. The true magic lies in keeping them desperate

6. Nothing screams holiday magic like a Dad shouting obscenities on the roof

7. Anything can be magical if you look on the bright side


8. A holiday miracle!

9. The magic lies in the traditions

10. Apparently they did want more than just me for Christmas

11. Ain’t nothing magical about 2 for 1 beef jerky (or is there…)



Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the holiday spirit!

And most importantly, let’s all take a minute to appreciate all the hard work and effort that it took to make that magic happen. Because take it from a tired mom, that magic isn’t free!