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15 Tweets About How We Want to Talk to 2020’s Manager

Remember those exercises where they give you the task for choosing a word for the year? Usually folks pick words like “courage”, “visibility”, or “success”.

2020’s words are a bit more bleak- Pandemic. Injustice. Civil unrest (ok, that was 2 words, but still).

There really isn’t much left to say about 2020. We’re all out here living it. Trying to maintain our mental health through the never ending news cycle while we’re stuck at home with our kids just white-knuckling it through each day as it comes.

2020 has been so next-level chaotic that it can be hard to keep up. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who bitched about the trash fire that 2019 was is wishing to go back to get a little vacation. 2020 is a disaster and then some, and the craziest part is that 6 months in, it has been simultaneously the longest and shortest year ever. Pure magic, but all fear and no fun.

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15 Tweets About How We Want to Talk to 2020’s Manager

1. Just a quick recap…

2. Our collective coping strategy has been pretty hilarious, not gonna lie.

3. And the news cycle has been a clusterfuck of doom.

4. I mean, it truly is the type of year you wanna just straight up throw in the trash.

5. And all of us are suffering emotionally, and also in pretty much every other way you can imagine.

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6. Seriously, this year owes us some damages, or asshole tax, or something.

7. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

8. Unless you like getting fisted financially and emotionally with Tobasco as lube…

9. Literally everything we’re living through is a weeping pile of whatthefuckery.

10. Are you not entertained!?

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12. Oh Gawd, it’s the worst thing ever!

13. Everything hurts.

14. 2020 is like a bag of dicks that’s no dicks, just flaming turds, and the bag is your nice sofa.

15. Welp.

Everyone raise your vibes in the hopes that the last half we’ll have a nice turnaround. Or don’t. Lord knows we’re busy enough out here just hanging on for dear life. Let’s just say we have some mid-level hopes that the third act won’t be so awful.

Now back to the murder hornets.

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