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13 Hilarious Tweets About How We’re All Coping With Zoom Calls

Of all the things that changed along with the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we do school and business was a huge one. Although we may all feel like we’ve lost 2020, if there’s someone who came out on top it would be Zoom.

Zoom is a program where you can do video calls and conferences, and all of a sudden became the leading way that folks are connecting for school and for work. From kindergarten to the virtual boardroom, Zoom is being utilized across the lifespan for human activities to continue despite the fact that we can’t necessarily physically be in the same place.

There’s lessons on Zoom, activities, social gatherings, work meetings, and classroom instruction. Almost everything is getting covered on Zoom, and many of us are learning how to cope with that all at the same time.

Since this is all new to most of us, there’s been a steep learning curve when it comes to the etiquette and preparation for these calls. With the emergence of Zoom being the new meeting space, we’ve had to learn to wear pants, mute our children, and resist the urge to genital slap our partners in the face.

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13 Hilarious Tweets About How We’re All Coping With Zoom Calls

1. Keep your nipples to yourself, just think of the children!

2. Always screen-share cautiously.

3. Someone please kick me, I’m stuck in a loop.

4. You have now reached the “ya know, fuck it!” portion of quarantine.

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5. That’s just the new normal.

6. It’s a new skill.

7. A serenade, perhaps?

8. Pandemic rules!

9. A glamorous cameo.

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10. Hello, yes, I also need some help.

11. We’ve all been there *smiles in cringe*

12. Demoted from the list of fave coworkers.

13. The world is really fucking weird now.

Who knows- maybe the world will continue to carry on over Zoom and we’re all just a few floating space chairs away from being like those chubby little humans in Wall-E. Either way, for now we’ll continue to watch those little boxes of people we know float around our screens as we try our best to cope with the numerous misfortunes of 2020.

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