Sure you have no clue what you're doing and you're always on the edge- but isn't that the case with all aspects of your life?
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18 Tweets That Show We’re NOT Prepared to Homeschool

Hello! And welcome to this episode of “Pandemic Impossible.”

Today (and every day), your task is to somehow homeschool your kids during a MF’n pandemic, even though you’re NOT a teacher, you have TONS of other shit to do, and your kids don’t listen to a fucking word you say even in the best of times. May the odds be ever in your favor!

This pandemic has brought us so many changes and challenges. Just when we think we’ve gotten through one obstacle, another crops up and gives us a nut-punch right to the spirit. From social distancing to economic woes, there has been an absolute gamut of anxiety-inducing fuckery aimed directly at our mental health while we try and accomplish the already difficult task of, ya know, TRYING NOT TO LOSE OUR SHIT DURING A GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

Anyway, not the least of these worries is the fact that our kids’ education has fallen in a big heavy heap on top of the “balls you can’t really drop” responsibilities pile. This is on top of whatever else you have going on, which may include working. “But isn’t that impossible?” you might ask. After all, how can you work AND homeschool at the same time? Well, the answer is that it is, indeed, impossible. One might even say… stressful!

*Cue weeping*

Ah well, despite the obvious struggles with homeschooling when you are outnumbered and underqualified, this is the hand we’ve been dealt and we’re better off laughing than crying.

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18 Tweets That Show We’re NOT Prepared to Homeschool

1. Me neither, kid.

2. Multitasking FTW.

3. Every day, it’s finished a bit quicker.

4. This is fine.

5. Wish we could mute them IRL.

6. Quarantine has changed us.

7. Let’s be real, it ALL sucks.

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8. Seems like a legit and respectable career.


10. Next we fart in different octaves.

11. Well well well, if it isn’t you again- fourth grade math.

12. Teacher life now is just mom life with a splash of booze.


14. Everyone with eyes and ears can see how out of our depth we are.

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15. Whew, that was on the curriculum anyways.

16. We are NOT ok.

17. Yep, definitely smell a fire.

18. At least we weren’t alone in thinking they were just awful.

Best of luck on the homeschool front!

Sure you have no clue what you’re doing and you’re always on the edge- but isn’t that the case with all aspects of your life? This whole homeschooling thing is actually quite on brand if you think about it!

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