Popular Makeup Company to Release Entire Line of Trump-Inspired Bronzers and Self-Tanners

By Samantha Wassel of Between The Monkey Bars

If you’re looking for that perfect, just-turned-immigrants-away-at-the-coast, summer beachy glow, look no further.

President Donald Trump recently announced that he’s teamed up with popular makeup company Sephorror to create an entire line of bronzers and self-tanners centered around none other than—you guessed it—himself.

A Sephorror rep tells us that the shades offered will range from “ignorantly unsubtle” to “in-your-face obnoxious,” much like President Trump’s tweeting history. All of the colors are described as having “that uniquely jarring, tangerine base apparent in Trump’s own complexion.”

You can find a complete list of the various hues—collectively called Trump Tanners™—included in the new line below:

  • Bad Hombre Beige
  • Unnatural Chicken McNugget
  • Grandma’s Ugly Floral Sofa
  • Luscious Lorax Anus
  • That Time in Third Grade When Billy Threw Up on the Bus
  • Egomaniacal Moldy Mango
  • RX Bottle Blush
  • Orange is the New Ignorant
  • Unseemly Circus Peanut
  • Audacious Austin PB Cheese Crackers
  • Safety Vest Va Va Voom
  • Candy Corn Crush
  • Not-So-Nice Pumpkin Spice
  • Sexist Saint James Place
  • Trick-or-Tweet
  • Her Emails

Rumors are circulating that the Trump administration has also reached out to several popular hair care companies with the hope of producing a line of Trump-inspired hair products. However, an inside source from the White House tells us that the FDA has repeatedly denied the president’s request to include formaldehyde in mass-produced consumer goods.

Trump Tanners™ are set to hit shelves in October 2020, just in time for both Halloween and the next presidential election.


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