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‘Forever 36’ Image Sparks Hilarious Debate Over What They Should Sell

Photo Credit: tyrocksalot via Imgur

While surfing the web yesterday, I stumbled across a headline that swept me off my feet: “Forever 21 Opens ‘Forever 36’ That Only Sells Sweatpants and Aspirin.”

Curious, I clicked the caption, only to discover a dead link leading to a blank page. But we all know how the internet works, and a few ticks later, I was on the floor—dying of laughter.

The image, posted last year on Imgur by tyrocksalot, shows a bearded man in his mid to late thirties (presumably wearing sweat pants) standing outside of a poorly Photoshopped ‘Forever 36’ store, pondering his next move.

It’s a chuckle-worthy photo for sure, but the comments are where the real entertainment begins.

“Do they sell disappointment and shame?” asked one follower. “No,” responded another. “They deemed that in their target demographic disappointment and shame are in such abundance that they would be unable to sell them more.”

Then someone asked if disappointment and shame come with crippling depression, to which another responded, “Comes with regret and depression bundle pack.”

In total, there were over 150 responses to the faux ad, followed by a string of witty comebacks for middle aged shoppers.

Here are a few of our favorites:

“Telling me I have to wait 10 years to shops there?!”

“You’d find me outside complaining ‘when did sweatpants get so expensive. They used to be cheap. Now they’re more than a pair of jeans.'”

“Add tacos to that, and I’ll live in the bathroom.”

“I mean… If you have tacos and a bathroom, do you really need pants at all?”

“Forever 21? More like Suddenly 42.”

“Fuck, I just turned 36.”

“Do they sell misery and heartache?”

“[Laughs in 40’s]”

Though many of the remarks are clever and rich in comedy, some serve as painful (and accurate) reminders to those shopping at ‘Forever Old AF.’ 

“Forever 55,” wrote one follower. “Prostate checks and menopause hormones.”

Laugh it up, millennials; your day will come!