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Fresno PD Announces Arrest of Gang Member and the Comments Are BRUTAL

The Fresno Police Department announced its arrest of a member of the Bulldog gang on its Facebook page February 6. The announcement read:


On February 6, 2019 detectives from the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium Metro Tactical Team conducted a probation search in the 7000 block of W. San Bruno and later arrested Bulldog gang member Joseph Rivera for being in possession of a loaded stolen firearm. The suspect had the loaded stolen firearm in a pant pocket when he was detained by detectives. Rivera was at the residence with three other Bulldog gang members who were on felony probation. One gang member had an outstanding felony probation warrant. The other two gang members were arrested for felony probation violations.

Suspect Rivera was booked into the Fresno County Jail. The three other gang members were booked into Fresno County Juvenile Hall.

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While the suspect’s partners in crime were sent to juvenile detention, the pictured suspect, 19-year-old Joseph Rivera, is an adult and was booked at the Fresno Police Department’s “grown-up jail.”

It is sad any time someone so young gets mixed up in the wrong side of the law. There are so many factors that can lead a person down this path, none of which are worthy of celebration. It’s also important to remember that this suspect, however innocent and young looking, is an adult charged with some pretty serious crimes. But that didn’t stop commenters from flocking to the Fresno Police Department’s post in droves to leave quippy remarks about the department’s arrest, perhaps in an effort to add a little comic relief to an unfortunate and scary situation.

Here are just a few of the top comments, and let us warn you — make sure you’re not drinking anything when you read them:

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Let me guess, the other gang members are named Boots, Diego & Backpack!

DJ Conner really lost it after Roseanne’s cancellation

I bet he still says “and a half” after telling someone how old he is.

Free my homie Lil Bowl Cut.

That’s Lloyd Christmas son 😂😂😂 Lloyd Christmas Eve

The only thing in danger around this kid is the fruit roll ups.

Give him a juice box and some string cheese he will roll on everybody.

Bowl cut hair and Garanimals clothing! Is he wearing velcro shoes too 😂 next week on the furious five year olds…

What n the problem child 2 is going on here ? 😯

Did they impound his Bigwheel ?

Hope they remembered his car seat before taking him in. Safety first.

Someone is getting his allowance taken away this week..

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That haircut is a misdemeanor in 3 counties

I thought this was a promo for “dumb and dumber 3.”

Did he get busted on Paw Patrol?

What does his haircut and his gun have in common???……BANGS!

The gun was found in his pocket along with 3 Spiderman action figures , some goldfish ,a few Legos and a purple crayon.

What neighborhood gang does this boy claim? Sesame street? Or Daniel tigers neighborhood?

I didn’t know Olan Mills had a police car backdrop for school picture day!!!

This is just an ad for Playskool’s My First Felony

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I believe the saying is “You have to laugh or else you’ll cry.” Mission accomplished on both counts.

Here’s to hoping Mr. Rivera gets the help he needs to straighten himself (and his hair) out soon and join the rest of law-abiding society. In the meantime, if you’re interested in the full comment thread, you can check it out here.