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These Memes Will Make You Thankful For Mom Friends

Becoming a mother can be an incredibly isolating experience. Even from the earliest days of a child’s life, you become less a carefree woman with time to hang out with your friends and more a slave to your child’s ever-changing schedule and routine. Motherhood is a special vortex of crazy that only other mothers can truly comprehend.

Motherhood can feel like a blur of sleepless nights, endless crying, and crippling overwhelm. It’s no wonder that some have such a hard time adjusting when it is truly one of the most transformative time periods you can imagine. It’s enough to make anyone go mad. Which is why mom friends are so important.

Mom friends are those women who also know how hard it is and are there for you no matter what. They don’t judge, and they don’t get put off by cancelled plans, messy living rooms, or broken promises. Mom friends know what it’s like to be in the thick of it, because they are there too.

The beauty of mom friends is that they don’t even have to be just like us. When you have a true unicorn mom friend, all your differences fall away. All that’s needed is an open heart, listening ears, and lack of judgement. If you have mom friends like this, then you’re truly #blessed.

Although it can be difficult to make new friends, the right kind of mom friendships are priceless. An invaluable lifeline in the whirlwind of parenting life.

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So here’s to all the mom friends who hold us up and keep us afloat! We love and appreciate you!

1. Thanks for your acceptance

2. Thanks for the snacks

3. Thanks for the peace of mind

4. Thanks for the understanding

5. Thanks for being there

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6. Thanks for the support

7. Thanks for the inspo

8. Thanks for giving us just what we need

9. Thanks for taking charge

10. Thanks for being there (even if there means, like, wayyyy over there)

11. Thanks for being the real thing

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12. Thanks for the protection

13. Thanks for helping make it all worthwhile

14. Thanks for the realness

15. Thanks for loving us for who we are

16. Thanks for the fun

17. Thanks for being a champion

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Thank you to all the supportive mom friends that are truly helping raise the next generation by being the village that we mamas need!

Do you have a mom friend who helps keep you sane, happy, and out of trouble? Be sure to share this with her so she knows just how appreciated she is!