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15 Funny Tweets To Make You Feel Better About Your “Mom Hair”

They say your hair is your crowning glory, but what happens when you become a mom? Sure, I remember the days of dying and cutting and styling my hair, but honestly, I remember it with the sepia-tinged nostalgia of looking back into a past life. Thinking back to that girl who curled and washed her hair feels like thumbing through the pages of a vintage photo album, like staring at a distant ancestor from some long-forgotten time. It’s a whole new era now, bitch – and the theme of the times is SURVIVAL.

I have 3 kids and I have not voided my bowels without an enthusiastic crowd in years. The chances of me curling, crimping, straightening or doing any other manner of “-ing” to my hair is about as likely as being crowned Queen of the fucking car line. I have all but given up on my hair; indeed my crowning glory has morphed into my crowning shame. Make fun of the “mom bun” all you want, but I will tell you with all the conviction of a brainwashed zealot that it is A.) Versatile, B.) Convenient, and C.) CURRENTLY ON MY HEAD RIGHT NOW because I have shit to do. You think this is a game? I’ll dry shampoo that look right off your face, come fight me!

Still, most of us mom still have that desire to look good, but with a priority list that’s about as long as our list of grievances, it can be really hard to fit in looking good. We are only human and can do so much. Be thankful we are being sane, polite, and wearing pants.

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Here’s what some of the funny parents of Twitter had to say about Mom Hair!

1. If it’s not on our heads looking wild, then it’s literally everywhere else

2. Don’t get us wrong, we WANT to look put together

3. But we literally just don’t have the time

4. Sometimes our hair has a life of its own

5. It’s like the Narnia that lives atop your skull

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6. If you see a ponytail, then mind ya business

7. Dry shampoo means you’re doing something right at least

8. A clever decoy, but it still doesn’t explain the chaos

9. It’s called self care, sweetie, look it up

10. It’s my little secret

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11. Maybe she’s born with it *maybe it’s processed cheese*

12. There is always a bright side. ALWAYS

13. Like a bat signal to all the other hot mess moms

14. It can be useful for those times you don’t have a pen

15. They say it’s never too late, amirite

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So if you have “Mom Hair,” never fear. You’re in really good company.

Really good, very disheveled, definitely not winning any awards for style company.