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Hilarious Memes About How That “New Year, New You” Is Going

The end of December is always a time ripe with optimism as the “New Year, New Me” posts come rolling in. There’s nothing wrong with goals, but to be honest, at least half that shit gets turfed in the bin by mid-January. It’s not that people are incapable of change…. it’s just that the old you fit so well.

Some of the goals are for saving money or changing habits, while others are wellness oriented. Diet changes, working out, and the like. But the power of habit is strong, and those habits don’t give one single solitary fuck what your calendar says.

As we approach the end of January, it’s probably safe to say that the weakest of those goals have been scrapped. That budget may be forgotten, the gym pass might be collecting dust, and you might again be shoveling carbs down your throat-hole with reckless abandon.

On the plus side, the old you was probably fine. Okay-ish, at least. I mean, you don’t want to change too much and have people missing you. That would just be rude.

So here’s to the goals soon to be forgotten. A “where are they now” in memes for the resolutions that never fully gained root. It was fun while it lasted, but see you next year (…maybe).

1. The search for abs continues…

2. January 1st: Keto AF, January 6th: There is no me, only bread.

3. The old me was fine anyway!


4. What can I say, the new me is still on the same schedule as the old one.

5. Maybe the new you was supposed to meal prep? You should tell her, I don’t think she knows….

6. Ah yes, “calm bitch energy” is going great thankssomuch.


7. Getting more sleep was probably a lofty goal anyway.

8. Hey, not to brag, but I think I’m done now.

9. Some things change, while others stay the same FOREVER.

10. Ahhh, skipping the sugar in my coffee for the first week of January was probably a good call.


The good news is you don’t need some arbitrary time of year to start new habits!

Literally any day is a good day to pick up where you left off when it comes to personal growth. The goals you truly want to chase will be waiting for you to catch up any day of the week. And hey, if you need that arbitrary starting point, there’s always next year!