Have fun living that #domesticAF life, full of chores, simple pleasures, and mind-numbing, crippling boredom.
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10 Relatable Tweets About the Boredom of Domesticity

As we grow up and get older, our standards for fun and excitement change. Where once we may have craved the thrill of excitement and adventure, we now are lusting after silence and a houseful of nobody.

One of the craziest changes that occurs is that we become domesticated to the point where who we once were is unrecognizable. There is no shred of the carefree person we once were when we are getting excited about a toilet paper sale. You cannot find it. It’s simply not there.

And as we get domesticated, our joys and our trials are found within our very tiny world. Things that excite us now are good deals, new fixtures, and having an empty laundry basket. Just kidding about that third one, which clearly doesn’t exist.

However, no matter how boring our lives become, we still manage to find those little joys. Being a boring housebitch is much like being a master of mindfulness, grasping the small joys as they manifest. 2 for 1 peanut butter, here I come!

With any luck your sparkle will shine again, long after your kids flee the coop, and you once again get to spread your wings. But until then, have fun with your dishes and your laundry pile. Nama-stay impressed with things like reasonably priced garbage bags.

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1. That spatula is INCREDIBLE, though.

2. It’s like a fun game that you’ll never win.

3. Your culinary skills get absolutely LIT. Did someone say Dinner Party?

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4. LOL, like a monster like that would exist.

5. Once Santa went “thickweight paper” he never looked back.

6. It’s like an orgasm for your inner clean freak!

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7. Well, la-di-da…

8. It’s like a little slice of private Heaven!

9. It’s a thrill a minute around here; let me know if you want to buy a first-class ticket to live the “me” experience.


10. I’m pretty picky about the things I allow in my home.


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Worry not, your excitement WILL come again!

And when it does, you’ll be ready for it. Until then, have fun living that #domesticAF life, full of chores, simple pleasures, and mind-numbing, crippling boredom.