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Meteorologist Confirms He Used Tarot Cards to Forecast Weather

By Stephanie of RacingElephants

In breaking news out of Wisconsin, Jeff Brown, top meteorologist at News Channel 12, has admitted to making up winter weather forecasts over the past decade.

In our exclusive interview with Brown, he admits, “I got the idea when my son was a toddler and he would play ‘weather forecaster’ to be like me. He would make up weather forecasts similar to ones that I spent hours working to predict. Over time, I noticed that he was right 81% of the time, which was more than the 32% of the time that I was right. That was when I decided to start using his predictions.”

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It started with reports like, “We will have anywhere between a dusting and 17 inches of snow early next week. The timing and track of this storm may change, so stay tuned as it moves closer.”

Since snow totals less than 48 inches don’t register as newsworthy to residents, no pandemonium was created with these possible storms.

“Eventually,” Brown continued, “my son outgrew his weather reports, so I was on my own. I decided to make it fun for myself. I’d use Tarot Cards to put a spin on the forecast. Sometimes, it would pull up with things like ice storms, rain, and -50 wind chills. I was hesitant at first, but I was right at least 62% of the time, and no one noticed when I was wrong.”

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Brown tells us that he considered going back to his standard meteorology, but he was hailed as the only meteorologist in the area who saw a storm coming and felt he couldn’t turn away from his Tarot Cards.

When asked about the challenging demands of his position, Brown explained, “When I feel like taking a vacation, I’ll use the standard of a winter storm with uncertain snowfall totals, timing, and storm track. I’m able to get those forecasts out within a matter of minutes, and I then am able to go back to my time off of work.”

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Brown’s boss, Jennifer Williams tells us, “I really thought we struck gold with a meteorologist with such accurate reports. We’ve given him multiple raises over the years to reward his excellent skills.”

Wisconsin residents continue to hail Jeff Brown as the best meteorologist and have a petition circulating that he continue forecasting as he has been. In their official statement released Wednesday, News Channel 12 has stated that they have no immediate plans to change Brown’s employment status.

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