Wife of Local TV Weather Personality Wins Award

By Rhiannon Giles

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the wife of moderately popular local TV weather personality, Stormy Waters, has won a certificate.

Waters, known for his outlandish costumes depicting the day’s weather, has been with WSTR News 14 since late 2015 and is a one-time nominee for a Saffir-Simpson, the award given each year to an outstanding local weather man from the tri-city area.

Waters says he is proud of his wife for winning her own award and notes, “The certificate is printed on pretty thick paper and came with a frame! It’s really darling.”

Carlton Edgers, the gentleman who presented local TV weather personality, Stormy Waters’ wife, with the award believes the certificate to be of some importance. “The Pulitzer prize for breaking news photography is a pretty big deal,” Edgers assures.

The wife of TV weather personality, Stormy Waters, “went into the immediate aftermath of an EF5 tornado and captured the exquisite pain of those who had just lost everything. While she was there, she rescued a baby trapped under a car and put out a fire moments before it destroyed the city’s Shelter for Fuzzy and Adorable Animals,” says Edgers.

Moderately popular TV personality, Stormy Waters, is said to have been responsible for giving the community ample warning, though he misjudged the location of the tornado by 50 miles. Station managers point out that the warned area did come out unscathed.

To honor the wife of TV personality, Stormy Waters, the station printed a copy of one of the delightful pictures to hang on the fridge in the break room.

Photo of the desk of local TV weather personality, Stormy Waters
Photo of the desk of local TV weather personality, Stormy Waters


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