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Frozen Water Terrifies Entire Region

By Jacqueline Miller of

Regional news reports have sent all of Southern Indiana into a panic. In just 24 hours, the region is expected to be blanketed with 2 to 4 whole inches of frozen precipitation, sending its residents into a flurry.

In anticipation of the sure-to-be blizzard, snow plows were out pretreating the public streets and highways. Some schools and local events were canceled even before the first flakes emerged.

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“We’re not taking any chances! We’re here getting supplies while we still can!” explained Susan Jones, in the full parking lot of her local Kroger grocery store. “I’m stocking up on the essentials like eggs, milk, and bread before we’re completely snowed in.”

Jones wasn’t alone. In fact, several of store shelves were bare throughout the region, after so many Indiana residents rushed to gather provisions.

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“The weather reports sure have scared a lot of folks,” noted Kroger Manager Jesse Smith. “The last time we sold this many eggs was right before Easter. I guess snowstorms make people crave omelets.”

It wasn’t just the grocery stores that were filled with worried residents. Gas stations were also at capacity, with cars lined up behind every pump.

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Victoria Jensen was shaking her head, waiting to fill up her SUV. “Trust me, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t driving on empty. These people are just in panic mode. It’s ridiculous!”

Jensen added that she’s from Wisconsin, where snow is common from November through March, so it doesn’t quite affect her like her neighbors.

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“A couple inches in the forecast and they act like it’s the snowpocalypse. In Wisconsin, we’d just call it Tuesday.”


About the Author

Jacqueline Miller is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Scary Mommy and Her View From Home. She lives in the Midwest and uses a pseudonym for her family’s privacy. Find her at and on Facebook.