I LIVED IT: My Social Media Post Got Zero Likes

It started out just like any other day: I posted a selfie on Instagram and then spent about an hour mindlessly watching alpacas on TikTok

But then, by mid-afternoon, I noticed something strange…Not a SINGLE person had liked my daily selfie.

Not one.

No One Liked My TikTok Sammiches and Psych Meds

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin Mama

Was it the lighting? Did I use too many hashtags? Or did I accidentally post a selfie on 9/11…Again?? 


Maybe I got shadowbanned from the other day when I commented that one chick was a “shoe-faced whore.”

You know, there’s no reason that someone can’t like an image as they scroll by it. LITERALLY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DOUBLE TAP.

Even a shoe-faced whore knows how to hit like on a selfie post. Just saying.

It’s not that my self-esteem is dependent on the serotonin I get when someone likes my pics or responds with a series of heart-eyed emojis. But as it turns out, not having those heart-eyed emojis and comments like “GORG” has caused me to spiral into a body-shaming abyss. 

Is it the weight I’ve gained in quarantine? Or the hair I’ve lost? Or my cornucopia of skin issues?


I’m going to delete it. Not because no one liked it but because…something else.

I don’t care what other people think. Really I don’t.

But I’m definitely throwing this sweater in the garbage.



About the Author

Joanna McClanahan is a mom to two small kids and three fur babies. She’s a Branded Content Editor at Scary Mommy. In her non-existent spare time, she shares random memes on Ramblin Mama. Make sure you’re following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all of the laughs.