Ever since I read a coffee table book about meditation in 2008, I have recognized the immense importance of being spiritual.

Farewell Child – I Release That Which Doesn’t Serve Me

Ever since I read a coffee table book about meditation in 2008, I have recognized the immense importance of being spiritual.

By Mandi Em of Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Ever since I read a coffee table book about meditation in 2008, I have recognized the immense importance of being spiritual. After closing the book and downing a hot cup of terrible-tasting green tea, I went to the nearest department store and purchased the largest, most perfectly clear crystal that I could find. I placed it on my bedside table as a testament to my spiritual journey.

Sadly, I came to find that this was nothing more than a glass paperweight. However, buoyed by my newfound sense of purpose, I chose to remain high-vibe anyway. It is this can-do, ohm-woo attitude that has led me to release my children as they no longer serve me. A revelation I came to while in Covid-19 quarantine.

A self-help Instagram I follow said that “if this quarantine should teach us anything, it’s what to let go of in times of struggle”. Another meme was pale blue and said to “release that which does not serve you.” According to Spiderman’s uncle, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

I’m a bit of a quoteaphile, and I just love dropping them as little nuggets of wisdom all over my Facebook page to inspire others to keep going. Like Kathy, who was my best friend in grade 8. I think she could use the pick me up. She uses paper coffee filters and I doubt that she meditates at all!

“What can I let go of that doesn’t serve me?” I asked myself this while I dry-brushed my body, my mind traveling from my horribly blocked lymphatic system and towards the things in my life that are dragging me down. What a wasted opportunity this pandemic would be if I left it still tied down to the things that keep me in a mundane, trash state of consciousness. Enlighten me, universe! I am open for your teachings.

I continued to think while I navigated emails about homeschool resources, and suffered the indignity of Play-Doh being tossed at my effortless au natural tresses. I breathed deeply in through my nose and exhaled for a four-count to release all the cursed wind inside me. The pandemonium of a full house was deafening around me, piercing my spirits like an ivory blade that was most certainly not fair trade.

Then it came to me, a universal download which couldn’t be ignored. These children, although gifts from my own body, do little more than suck the life out of me. A life that has so much more value now since I’ve discovered the power of a good Palo Santo cleansing and am slowly but surely aligning my chakras. What is it that prevents the flow of Qi in this physical form? Another lump of Play-Doh hits me in the temple before I can answer. My throat chakra blazes in fury.

Although a global pandemic may seem like a crazy time to release your children, a Deepak Chopra quote that I printed off from Facebook and taped to my fridge says, “In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” Who am I to stay lost in a crazy world like this? I self-identify as a lightworker, which means my loss of self only darkens the world for others. What are a few kids when it comes to saving the rest of the world? Especially when none of them were even Indigo children.

So goodbye, my sweet babes. I’ll think of you when I’m in a place to hold space for the trauma of letting you go. Until then, I’ll get through this quarantine with far fewer Zoom meeting interruptions, and far more money to spend on mystical gemstones. My heart chakra quivers.


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