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Apparently There’s a Starbucks in Winterfell and They Deserve It, TBH

It’s a good day when I wake up and the hottest news is some assistant to the assistant’s assistant on Game of Thrones is about to be out of a job.  Nuclear war imminent? Nah. Apparently they’ve just got a Starbucks in Winterfell now. ALERT THE PRESS.

Last night’s episode featured a twist nobody saw coming — a double double vanilla latte, hold the whip (Does it even have whip to begin with? Doesn’t matter). Don’t worry; there are no spoilers ahead. I didn’t even finish the episode myself before conking out from exhaustion (I know, I know). This one’s strictly about the misplaced prop.

Near the beginning of the episode, eagle-eyed viewers noticed something a bit … off. Or on, depending on your perspective. Sitting right there before the mother of dragons herself is a … Starbucks cup. In Winterfell. I mean, it could happen, right?

I have to admit that I didn’t notice it until somebody on Reddit pointed it out. Maybe it was because my eyes were unwilling to stay open another minute. Or maybe it was the darkness of the episodes that everybody’s been complaining about.

Regardless, it’s there for all to see.

Many speculators are debating how it wound up there in the first place. Some say there’s a very sad (and forgetful) employee about to be in the market for a new career. Others think the cup was placed there intentionally to drum up even more chatter about the show.

Honestly, I’m leaning toward the latter.

I mean, wouldn’t somebody have seen it there during editing? There’s no way that frame made it all the way to prime time TV without a single person noticing. So the only logical explanation is a conspiracy between the coffee giant and the hit television show. Obviously.

Regardless of intent, the mishap definitely has people talking. I mean, seemingly a million iterations of “Starbucks in Winterfell” are currently trending on Twitter, for God’s sake.


Leave it to the dictionary to troll hardest. God, I love them.

Confession time: I don’t really watch the show (hold the angry mob, please and thank you). But my husband does, and I’ve passively seen enough episodes to know that cup being there ain’t right.

Still, at the end of the day, whether somebody royally screwed up or the writers are in cahoots with corporate America, you’ve gotta admit: after everything these characters have been through, they deserve a commercially prepared cup of joe, don’t you think?