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30 Hilarious Parenting Memes You Need In Your Life

Before kids, we pictured being the makers of nutritionally balanced homemade meals and the ever-patient mothers of spotless, laughing cherubs. We daydreamed about the pitter-patter of little feet, sweet kisses, and tiny voices calling our names as we dance and frolic in a meadow while wearing flowy white dresses and flower crowns. Then labor day happened (the kind where you don’t get the day off) and we found ourselves smack dab in the center of the epic shit show that is parenthood.

If you find yourself flipping off your kids behind their backs, cursing under your breath, and losing your shit day after day, this meme roundup is for you. Tell that bitch mom guilt you’ll see her at 2am, but right now you’ve got a date to commiserate with the funny parents behind these hilarious parenting memes.

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1. Woosahhh

30 Savage Parenting Memes by Sammiches and Psych Meds and mommymemest

I know, I know, it’s terrible. But when you think about it, the root of all your stress is your screaming kids who won’t quit using your nipples as targets with their Nerf darts.

2. Help me, I’m poor

30 Savage Parenting Memes by Sammiches and Psych Meds

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It was him or the pint of Ben & Jerry’s and Momma’s had a rough day.

3. I didn’t sign up for this

savage parenting memes by loudmomma1

You could have started getting your kids ready to leave the house a week ago and still be late for everything because little Alice insists on doing everything herself like a “big girl.”

4. Say “bye-bye” to the birdie!

savage parenting memes by momsbehavingbadly2

Royals aren’t even a match for the wrath of a toddler. I don’t know about you but I need a little more coffee in my Bailey’s.

5. Not even a little

savage parenting memes by amy weatherly

And so help me, if one of you comes down asking for water, I will levitate off of this couch with rage.

6. Okurrrrt

most brutal parenting memes

I love you with every fiber of my being. Also, Mommy is going to slow the car down to 5mph once we get to the school. Tuck and roll. TUCK and ROLL.

7. The original mumble rap

savage parenting memes by susannemkerns

Don’t worry, kids, Mommy’s just on the verge of her daily mental breakdown at 4pm sharp.

8. My kind of bedtime story

savage parenting memes by ramblin mama1

And don’t talk, either. The monsters are blind, which made them hyper sensitive to noise, which is how they find you.

9. Scooch

savage parenting memes2

The only thing worse than an angry mom is a hangry mom.

10. Welcome to hell!

savage parenting memes

When you realized you’ve been suckered in to the biggest prank of all time.

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11. RIGHT up your alley

savage parenting memes by whineandcheezits

Privacy is a thing of folklore now. Like unicorns, mermaids, and your sex life.

12. Sleeping children > sleeping husband

savage parenting memes by the new stepford

Through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, if you fall asleep in the middle of the day I swear to God I will make death come with the swiftness.

13. I will join your MLM all day for this

savage parenting memes by vegansmoothiemama

I want to rub this in all of the places. ALL of the places.

14. Oh, you doooooo?

savage parenting memes by momsbehavingbadly

A thing I like to make from scratch is blind rage. How’s that sound, Jimmy?

15. Oh, I’ll tell you a story

savage parenting memes by healthylivingforhotmesses

This is a classic read in my house.

16. Oh no you di-in’t

savage parenting memes by mommysinsidevoice

To be captioned with the next meme…

17. Seriously

savage parenting memes4

I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it but preferably not the way you entered because omg ouch.

18. Those were the days…

savage parenting memes by mommymemest2

We made some questionable choices but they all sound better than trying to parent without caffeine.

19. How do you food?

savage parenting memes by housefeminist2

Omg, what do you want? A plate of Cheerios with some ketchup? Ugh…

20. Despite all my rage

savage parenting memes by mommycusses1

I am still a mom who now knows she needs to trim her child’s toenail because it’s an inch-deep in my butt crack.

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21. I think we need a break

savage parenting memes by weirdhistory

This is every mother and her child by noon.

22. 4. I have 4

savage parenting memes by motheroctopus

You don’t want any of this fruit medley. Bet.

23. Not ever

savage parenting memes by sometimeskidsaredicks1

Come at me, Martha.

24. Twinsies

savage parenting memes by macgyveringmom22 1

We’re in it together, sis.

25. I feel better

savage parenting memes 1

Who’s a super mom? We are!

26. Check yourself

savage parenting memes by loudmomma

Just let me live!

27. Rest in peace

savage parenting memes by brandonandrinaprofessionalstayathomedad

In Heaven, your children eat whatever you make for dinner, leave you alone when you go to the bathroom, and there’s not a whistle or kazoo in sight.

28. What is life?

savage parenting memes by macgyveringmom22

Breathe, Mama, breathe.

29. Whoever put the “good” in “good morning” was not a parent

savage parenting memes by allabouteverly

A smut novel where a mom gets to sleep in for a whole week.

30. Peace!

savage parenting memes by alyceoneword

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