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Woman Finds Wad of Hair That Looks Like A Young Justin Timberlake

By Becca Carnahan of With Love, Becca

While washing her hair this past Tuesday, something happened to local mom, Jessica Stone, that would send shock waves throughout her community.

Jessica, age 33, is a new mom of a sweet 8-month-old boy. She has settled into her new role as a mother nicely but does admit that she misses sleeping, and her pregnancy hair.

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During her pregnancy, Jessica grew a flowing mane of hair that rivaled Disney princesses. Thanks to some pretty intense hormones and prenatal vitamins the size of horse pills, Jessica’s locks were shiny and strong.

Then her baby boy entered stage right, and Jessica’s hair has since seen better days. There are the wispy pieces near her hairline, the ever-present ponytail bump, and perhaps most noticeable when wearing a dark sweater, the extreme shedding.

The hair situation came to a head this week, though, when Jessica was washing her hair. Enjoying some solo time in the shower, Jessica leisurely rinsed out the shampoo and ran her fingers through her once full-bodied locks, pulling out strand after strand of hair.

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To avoid clogging the drain, Jessica stuck the hair onto the shower wall, her new routine. She repeated the process with the conditioner, adding more hair strands to her mosaic haphazardly.

It wasn’t until Jessica turned off the tap and grabbed a towel that she noticed the hair masterpiece she had accidentally created. Gaping open-mouthed at the wall, she immediately recognized the profile of a young Justin Timberlake, circa approximately 1998.

Every detail was in place. Her light brown strands had somehow formed into Justin’s signature wave. Delicate circles of hair had created the illusion of tinted sunglasses, and there was even the hint of some ear bling thanks to some poorly washed out conditioner.

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It was, in a word, perfect. Immediately Jessica FaceTimed her best friends Meghan R., Megan P., and Jessica L. Their ’90s boyband hearts skipped a beat as together they examined what could only really mean that God must have spent a little more time on this.

It was beautiful.

Immediately the three other women rushed to Jessica’s house and when they saw the Justin Timberlake hair in real life, they fell down on their knees. They couldn’t take it anymore.

Pictures were quickly posted to Instagram with the hashtag #hairingupmyheart and suddenly, what was once a wad of hair became a movement. ’90s girls from around the country flocked to the Stone household with the same starry-eyed wonder that they had attended NSYNC concerts with years ago.

Some were inspired to bring their old No Strings Attached albums, band t-shirts, and even one VHS tape of a Disney concert special. The bathroom quickly took on a shrine-like quality.

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Jessica’s husband was quoted as saying, “Have you guys seriously seen this thing? It looks nothing like him…” but no one really asked Jessica’s husband.

The women who have visited the Justin Timberlake hair wad bathroom know the truth. This wad of hair is something truly special.

It was all they ever wanted, all they ever needed. For as long as it will remain stuck to that shower wall, it will bring a warm feeling of nostalgia to all who view it. And perhaps more importantly, hope.


About the Author

Becca Carnahan is a mom of two small humans, freelance writer, career coach, and storytelling enthusiast. Find her sharing stories about parenting and career development at With Love, Becca. You can also find her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @with_love_becca.