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24 Painfully Relatable Tweets About Having a Kid in Sports


When you are a parent, inconvenience is a regular part of the chaos-ridden shitshow that your life has become. Add in a little responsibility and obligation, and you end up with a perfect trifecta of parental fuckery. Congratulations! Whether it be late night feedings, meetings with the school or unexpected illness, there’s always something hiding around the corner, ready to pop out and ruin your best laid plans.

However, some of the inconvenience we experience as parents is completely and totally self-inflicted. Case in point: sports.

Children by nature are wound-up, vibrating little sacks of cuteness and kinetic energy. Sports are a great way to help them burn off this energy without sacrificing your breakables or your sanity. But don’t be fooled — there will be sacrifice! Whether it be time, money or simply your comfort as you’re forced to interact with other parents at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning while being terrorized by inclement weather, there WILL be sacrifice.

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So say goodbye to your Saturday sleep-ins and disposable income, and enjoy the following list, a painful glimpse into the masochistic madness that is being a parent of children in sports.

24 Painfully Relatable Tweets About Being a Parent with a Kid in Sports

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All joking aside, putting your kids in sports is a great way to encourage teamwork while helping them burn off some of that pesky excess energy. Despite all the early mornings and sacrifice, being a sports parent isn’t all that bad. There are lots of special moments, like watching your child score a goal or round the bases, and it can be very rewarding to watch them have fun and work hard while someone else gets to tell them what to do. You never know, you may even meet another parent to complain with and split carpool duties.

Anything is possible with a little bit of teamwork!