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12 Hilarious Tweets to Unite Introvert Parents – On Separate Park Benches, Of Course

Introvert Parent

Parenthood as an introvert can be hard because children learn from and thrive on the very thing we detest – social interaction. And putting on pants. But, because we love our adorable little shrieklings, we suck it up and do the small talk and haul them around to obnoxious petri dishes venues like Chuck E. Cheese and crowded playgrounds where we assume the introvert’s pose: crossed arms and legs and a vacant stare.

It’s all for naught, because even though you’re sending out the universal signal for “Don’t talk to me” by scrolling through Facebook, a well-meaning parent comes at you with the typical, “Which one’s yours? How old? Do you live around here? Can I wear your skin?” or your kid will trot up to you with their new BFF based on the grounds that they’re the same age and like the same character.

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Thankfully, there are Twitter parents who know the introvert’s struggle. Scroll through these hilarious tweets and stave off another boring-as-shit convo with Linda over there in the adult Crocs.

Consider these your get-out-of-schmoozing-free ticket. You’re welcome.

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Don’t look up now, but another parent is making their way over to you. It’s time to pull “Plan B” out of your purse.

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